How to make effective DIY Water filter? Free drinking water for the family

How to make effective DIY Water filter? Free drinking water for the family

Today I’ll share with you one of our lessons on how to make a slow sand biochar filter that treats 300 litres of pond or rain water per day. Can I make swamp water drinkable? How do I purify water? How do I make dirty water clean? How do I make water drinkable? Water filter for drinking. Water filter with charcoal. How to make water filter for home?

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Katadyn BeFree: The Best Bike-Friendly Water Filter?

Katadyn BeFree: The Best Bike-Friendly Water Filter?

Is the Katadyn BeFree the most bike-friendly water filter on the market? In our latest video, we take a look at this ultralight, easy to use, collapsable water filter that’s compact enough to fit almost anywhere—perfect for both bikepacking and day rides. Find the long-term review here…

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What is it – 0:55
How to use it – 2:21
When to use it – 3:30
Durability – 4:56

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Filtration process in water purification|Filtration of water| Environmental(Public Health)Engineers

Filtration process in water purification|Filtration of water| Environmental(Public Health)Engineers

Filtration process
1.This video will give you details about the filtration process of water purification.
2.Filtration process is carried to remove the bacteria, suspended and colloidal materials, color, odor, iron and manganese and also useful in making water sparkling.
3.Filtration process consists of passing raw water through filter media, filter media consist of sand and gravel layer filtration process removes about 98 to 99 % of bacterial impurities.
4. When loss of head increases and removes blockages from the filter bed process is carried out.

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7 Best Water Filters for Backpacking // Which one is fastest... and WHY?

7 Best Water Filters for Backpacking // Which one is fastest… and WHY?

Katadyn BeFree:
Platypus QuickDraw:
Sawyer Squeeze:
Hydroblu Versa Flow:
Lifestraw Flex:
Sawyer Micro:
Sawyer Mini:
CNOC Vecto Standard:
CNOC Vecto BeFree:

In this video, I compare the filter speeds for 7 of the most popular filters on the market. Which is the fastest backpacking filter? Why are some faster than others? Why might some filters clog or slow down quicker? We answer or touch on these questions!
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Decathlon Down Jacket –
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DIY Berkey Water Filter System CHEAP!

DIY Berkey Water Filter System CHEAP!

Want a Berkey water filter but don’t want to spend $300? Just build your own DIY Berkey water filter system for a fraction of the cost! #Berkey #WaterFilter #DIY
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Budget DIY Water Filter ~  Under $35 ~ Preparedness

Budget DIY Water Filter ~ Under $35 ~ Preparedness

Budget DIY Water Filter ~ Under $35 ~ Preparedness

Items used in this video:
8Qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot:
Dispenser Tap Set:
Ceramic Dome Water Filter:
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill:

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The Untold Sad Truth About Water Purifiers for Preppers - Prepper Water Purification

The Untold Sad Truth About Water Purifiers for Preppers – Prepper Water Purification

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Make Sure Your Water Is Safe To Drink.