What is Odor?

Also known as scent or smell, an odor is either pleasant or unpleasant caused by a volatilized chemical compound or more. These chemical compounds found in humans and animals caught by the sense of smell in low concentrations can either produce a good or bad scent. Various contaminants such as chemical compounds in water sources cause foul odor and unpleasant taste to your drinking water. Rotten egg odor is one of the most common odor-related problems in many water systems.

What Causes Foul Odor in Drinking Water?

Bacteria and chemicals like sulfur and chlorine cause changes to water quality and smell. When you experience foul odor in your tap water, you must stop using the water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning purposes. Bacterial growth in the sink drain can also influence the smell of water if left unattended for several days.

Do Boiling the Water Get Rid of the Foul Odor in Drinking Water?

If the problem is chemical, boiling the water does not remove the bad odor. Instead of boiling the water, other filtration techniques like chlorination can help in the removal of unpleasant scents in drinking water.

How Do You Get Rid of Bad Odor in Drinking Water?

The use of granular activated carbon (GAC) in water filtration systems enhances the taste and odor of drinking water. Most of the units sold today utilize the advantages of granular activated carbon (GAC). By examining the cause of the problem can give you an idea of how to get rid of the smell. Therefore, you can use the best possible option to correct water quality coming from your water source.

List of Contaminants

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