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Even Clear Water Can Be Contaminated.

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What Could You Be Drinking?


5-12 mg/dm3

Chloramines are disinfectants used by water utilities since 1930 in the treatment of drinking water in the United States of America.


2-5 mg/dm3

TTHM’s (Trihalomethanes) are created when chlorine reacts with decaying organic matter in the water. This group of four organic halides contaminates 90% of this country’s drinking water.

Hydrogen Sulfide

20-25 mg/dm3

Rotten egg smell, the ideal environment for the conversion of sulfate to hydrogen sulfide gas is within a water heater. The warm environment creates a perfect habitat for the anaerobic bacteria.


~46 mg/dm3

Chlorine is added to many municipal water systems as a disinfectant. Chlorine can react with other materials present in water and may generate disinfection by-products that can damage human health.



When municipal water pipes were first assembled years ago they were sealed together using a lead material.


90-140 mg/dm3

Iron can be found in most water supplies. Iron is considered one of the most common contaminants and most troublesome elements in tap water.

Benefits of

Clean Water

By filtering out many contaminants you ingest (drinking), absorb (showering, washing) and breathe (vapors from showering, running water, etc.) it will contribute to your overall health – inside and out. Many of these are either known or suspected causing-cancer agents. They can interfere with a variety of body processes. They can be toxic to many organs and tissues, including the heart, bones, intestines, kidneys, brain, liver and reproductive and nervous systems.

  • Drinking – Clean, odorless, great tasting water for drinking is a precious gift.
  • Skin – You will no longer have to put up with the drying effects of chlorine on your skin.
  • Hair – You will no longer have to put up with the drying effects of chlorine on your hair.
Our company was founded in 2007
One of our family friends ended up defeating cancer by changing his diet and filtering his water. So we founded a company and became super interested in water filtration and all that it offers.
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How Fast Does Your Body Absorb Chlorine?

Take a minute to learn how fast your skin can absorb the chlorine from your water. You will be amazed!


What our clients say

Anastasia S.

I cannot say enough positive things about the help that Water Filter Advisor gave. They went above and beyond connecting us with AquaOx helping us find a local plumber. Our water tastes great, and we are at peace knowing our drinking, cooking and bathing water is safe for our children.

Patrick J.

High quality water filtration system that my family and I are very happy with! No more stinky chlorine baths! Really glad I spent hours and hours researching and searching for one of the better machines, I also installed myself super easy! Great product! Worth the money!

Steven Rashford

We love our filtration system! We've had it in for about a year. There is zero work involved and zero problems as well. The install seemed super easy too. We could tell a difference right away in just the taste and smell of our water - no more highly chlorinated water! Our fish tank loves it too. Thanks for such a quality product!

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