Anastasia S.

I cannot say enough positive things about the help that Water Filter Advisor gave. They went above and beyond connecting us with AquaOx helping us find a local plumber. Our water tastes great, and we are at peace knowing our drinking, cooking and bathing water is safe for our children.

Patrick J.

High quality water filtration system that my family and I are very happy with! No more stinky chlorine baths! Really glad I spent hours and hours researching and searching for one of the better machines, I also installed myself super easy! Great product! Worth the money!

Steven Rashford

We love our filtration system! We’ve had it in for about a year. There is zero work involved and zero problems as well. The install seemed super easy too. We could tell a difference right away in just the taste and smell of our water – no more highly chlorinated water! Our fish tank loves it too. Thanks for such a quality product!

Make Sure Your Water Is Safe To Drink.