For those who are health conscious, the benefits of using a whole house water filter far outweigh the costs. A whole house system filters the water at the point of entry to your house, which means that all the water gets filtered, not just drinking water, but the water you bathe in, wash clothes in and cook with. This provides maximum removal of chemicals for those that are serious about their health.

Interestingly enough, this type of filter not only helps remove pollution from water, but also from the air in your home. Municipally treated water has chloroform gas in it, and according to the EPA, every home that uses it has elevated levels of this gas which can cause severe respiratory problems. A filter that filters all the water in the house removes this chemical before it gets into your home, therefore no chloroform gas is present.

Another benefit of a whole house water filter is that it filters the water you bathe and shower in. Most people don’t realize that the contaminants in water can be absorbed through the skin. So even though you might filter your water, if you don’t filter your shower you can still be getting toxins from the water this way. Also, chloroform and other chemicals are dispersed as a gas when the water is heated. If you are standing in the shower right under it you are probably breathing in a lot of chemicals.

Many people consider filtering their drinking water as very important, but what about the water you cook with? This water is absorbed by the foods you are cooking and, ultimately, ingested into your body so you are still getting all the contaminants from municipal water if you cook with it. Luckily a whole house filter will give you pure clean cooking water as well as drinking water.

When shopping for a whole house water filter, you want to consider a few things. First, make sure you get a multi-stage filter that will remove all contaminants including chlorine. Look at the data sheet for the model so you can see what it removes and in what quantities. Maintaining water pressure to your home is important so you want to get one that can push enough water through – about 6 gallons a minute should do it.

Top 5 Of The Best Whole House Water Filters

The concept of a whole house filter is quite fascinating, especially for those who have highly sensitive nose. Even having such a filter can help you to stay healthier and better. Being a house owner, you must be very conscious about the type of water you are using and drinking. There are many people who are still using unfiltered water for showering, cooking as well as drinking. It can be quite unsafe for you and your entire family. Hence using a whole house water filter is very important to ensure that the water is completely filtered and doesn’t carry any impurities or harmful substances. If you are looking for the best whole house water filter, then read on to know about the top 5 whole house water filters.

It is important to perform a water quality test first. If your water contains high bacterial contamination or chlorine and sediments then you will definitely need a whole house water filtration system. These factors can also cause bad smell or taste of water. Above all, it is extremely harmful for your health. Water containing chemicals and harsh bacterial contamination will cause extreme health hazards in the long run. The whole house water filtration system works very simply yet efficiently. It can filter out all these harmful chemicals, particles and bacterial contamination from water.

Harmful metals like leads and manganese as well as harmful chemicals like chlorine can create trouble to your healthy and happy family. Though often chlorine is largely used for disinfecting and treating water, it can potentially do harm to you skin and hair. Even it is not good for your health if you consume water that contains chlorine in it. It can cause severe stomach upset. Even the leads and manganese or even the rust from the water pipes or any metals can be very harmful for your health. Consuming these can cause many adverse effects. Recent studies and experiments show that ingesting these harmful chemicals and metals in large quantity can cause deadly diseases. Hence using a whole house water filter is essential to keep your family healthy and happy.

If you are confused by so many options available online, these days, then here is the list of the best whole house water filters. Read on to know more about these water filters, their features, specifications and benefits.

#1: AquaOx Whole House Water Filter

The AquaOx is well known for its ability to produce Spring-like water throughout your entire home with zero maintenance or replacement filters. You can enjoy completely clear water that tastes great with this amazing 7-stage whole house water filter. It comes with the best features and specifications to ensure powerful performance every single time. The AquaOx 7-stage water filtration system eliminate 99% of all contaminants and sediments. This powerful filtration system can effectively remove the rust, dirt, tthms, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, and more. It comes with 1-inch ports that provide the strongest flow of water which can put a pressure up to 15 gallons every minute. AquaOx has chosen to use the highest grade filtration media which makes it a little more pricey than the other filtration systems BUT you get a better filtration and can rest assured that it gets the job done right. The activated carbon and adsorptive carbon is made up of coconut shell and centaur catalytic carbon that can purify up to 2,000,000 gallons of water so that it can fully clean the water that is used by your entire family. It lasts up to 20 years, maintenance free for an average family of 4 people. Read more about the AquaOx water filter.

Using clean and purified water has never been this easy before with this amazing water filtration system for the whole house. It has a great flow rate with oversized filters that can reduce the maintenance frequency. It is so efficient and powerful that it is considered as one of the best among the top 5 whole house water filters available in the market right now. With the help of multi-gradient density filters, this unit can easily filter out finest particles of sediments and dirt. The finer filtration process provides the best outcome. The filters are also replaceable in nature. It is manufactured by a renowned American manufacturing company named Perfect Water Technologies. It has designed the unit in such a way that it will provide you with the best RO (Reverse Osmosis) solution so that you get the most purified water for your home.

It is designed in such a way that it can remove 95% of manganese, iron, chemicals like pesticides or herbicides and sediments which can potentially create a foul taste and odor. The best part is the oversized filters which can amazingly improve the rate of flow. It can also reduce the maintenance frequency for you. So, it not only keeps you healthy but also ensures to save a lot of time and efforts.

#2: Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter

Aquasana is surely one of the best whole house water filter systems in the market. It is extremely useful and versatile in nature with an amazing capacity of 1,000,000 gallon. It can last up to 10 years which is quite great. It is popular for its high performance and brilliant water filtration system. It is great for generating healthy water in your entire house without any chemicals and impurities. There is no risk of back flushing, wastage of water or draining. This system can be used by the large families where there are more than 3 or 4 persons. Generally, the morning time is the busiest time where people use kitchen as well as use the washroom and bathroom. This filter has the capacity to produce a lot of healthy water and provide the water flow.

This system comes with a 20-inches pre-filter, filtration tank, brass fittings, post-filter and bend supports. It also comes with the shut-off valves that stop water from being wasted or getting back flushed. This is a great option to consider for your entire house’s water filtration. It can reduce the contamination to a great extent. It can remove pesticides, lead mercury and more efficiently. It can also reduce chlorine by 97% effectively so that you can enjoy healthy chemical-free water in your cooking as well as while drinking and showering. The chemicals like mercury, lead and chlorine can make your water impure which is neither good to consume nor good for your skin and hair. This can cause a lot of diseases in the long run.

You will have a healthier hair and skin due the lesser exposure of your body to the harsh chemicals and synthetic toxins. Chlorine and other toxins can cause severe damages to your skin and hair making them extremely dry. Also, chlorine can get easily evaporated in your shower steam. This air can be inhaled by you and that can cause internal problems. To improve the quality of the air indoor and make it cleaner and healthier, you need to ensure that the chlorine is removed from your water. This whole house water filter is extremely efficient in removing the chlorine from the water so that you can enjoy a completely chlorine and pesticide free water for drinking, cooking and showering.


Can remove 97% of chlorineMakes water ultra-deliciousProvide better and cleaner water for cookingGreat for healthy hair and skinImproves indoor air qualityIntelligently designed for smart usage


Needs professionals for installationNot certified by NSF

#3: Pelican Whole House Water Filter

With the Pelican water filtration system, you can be sure of getting the best quality water for your every household work. The first filter is the PP sediment filter which is extremely efficient in removing the sediments and dusts from the water. Thus, it cause less clogs and keep the pressure of water intact throughout. The CTO Carbon Block filter is the 2nd of the 3-stage filtration system. It is a high quality filter that shells the carbon and provides great filtration. It is designed with a high compact fabrication technique so that it can provide with the maximum filtration efficiency. The 3rd filter is there to remove all the odors and bad tastes. This layer of filtration system is highly effective in removing the organic chemicals present in the water. These include industrial chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

You can enjoy 100,000 gallon capacity of clean water for your entire family. Hence, this is ideal for a smaller family of 2 to 3 people. It can effectively remove 98% of chlorine, sediments, chemicals and heavy metals from the water. As tested by SGS in 2018, it can successfully remove the contaminants that can create a foul odor, taste and colors in the water. Being installed at the main water supply, it is extremely useful for treating all the water effectively. So, whenever you are using water for any purpose, you are getting completely cleaned and purified water. Enjoy pure and lean water supply from every tap of your house. It is different from that of the RO systems. It doesn’t reduce the TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. Hence, all the healthy minerals remain intact in the water.

This is a great choice for you if you are considering the best whole house water filter for a small family. The way it efficiently works and filters out all the contaminants including harsh chemicals, sediments etc. it can really be a great filtering option for you. It also maintains a good water pressure throughout with the help of large ports. So, you can enjoy the flow of good volume of water every time you open any tap.


3-stage filtration system – Minimal pressure loss with maximum filtration – Effective cleaning of chemicals and sediments – Provides 100,000-gallon capacity – Removes 98% of sediments and chemicals – Certified by NSF


Not for a large family


Multi-gradient replaceable filtersReduces 95% of chemicals, metals and sedimentsProvides great flow of waterReduces the cost and effort of maintenanceProvides strongest pressure of water


Not for families with more than 4 personsNot NSF certified

#4: Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Water Filter

Enjoy purified and clean water 24 hours in your house with this amazing Watts whole house water filter. It can provide you with the cleaner water throughout the day. It is highly efficiently in nature which is also compatible with the water heaters. So, you can enjoy clean warm water for your shower, cleaning, cooking as well as for drinking. The best part is that this water filter is certified by NSF. It can protect you and your entire family from the harmful chemicals, rust, dust and sediments. This will help you to get chemical-free and dust-free water that you can use both for cooking as well as for drinking. Even it is great for taking a shower as the chemical-free water is good for your hair as well as for your skin.

This system is designed in such a way that it has an inbuilt bypass valve which prevents from back flushing and wastage of water. This whole house water filter is very easy to install and is made up of the most premium quality stainless steel. Once with some basic plumbing skills will be able to install it. With the 50 micron ball valve, wrench and sediment filter, this water filtration system is surely the best one in the market. You can enjoy healthy and clean water always. It is designed and developed with the latest and most innovative technique for purifying water. It can make your family members happier and healthier. You will get 24 hours of access to the filtered water.

This NSF certified product ensures premium water quality for your family. You can use the water for various purposes without worrying about the impurities at all. The efficient water treatment system of this water filter treats the entire water that enters your house. it remove the heavy metals, sediments and harmful chemicals effectively without destroying the beneficial minerals. You can notice a huge change in the taste and smell of the water once you install this. It can not only keep you healthy but can also improve your hair and skin too.


Removes rust, dust and suspended particlesCertified by NSFEasy to installContains 50 micron filters


Doesn’t come with the fixing bracket

#5: Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter

If you are looking for an efficient yet a simple and compact water filtration system for your whole house, then this is the best product that you can have. It is very simple and easy to install. It comes with several great features. It is best for medium sized families. It produces a huge amount of water every minute which is great for a medium sized family who needs a lot of water at a time. The flow rate of water through this filtration system is very high. It provides 20 gallons of filtered water every minute. The filtration system is highly powerful and versatile in nature. It can effective reduce the dirt, dust, rust and sediments from the water. Even it can improve the odor and taste of water by removing the chlorine.

It has an extra-large capacity with super powerful filtration system. It provides cleaner, better and tastier drinking water. This purified water can be used for cooking, washing faces as well as for showering. The filter can work perfectly for 12 months at a stretch. You need to replace the filters after this period so that pressure remains the same as well as the water gets perfectly pure. It is manufactured from the FDA compliant materials for best safety and security. It is great for you and your family’s health. Of course, you will want your family to be always at the best of their health. So, installing this water filter can provide you with consistent high quality water for your whole house.

The 5 micron nominal filtration system provides the ultimate filtration. When the water travels through the sediment filters, the carbon filter helps to filter out the chlorine effectively. It also comes with a simple structure with a non-corrosive head made up of stainless steel. It also offers replacement in 2 minutes. This can really be a great option for you when you are looking for the best whole house water filter. The great features make it highly useful and versatile in nature.


Improves the quality, smell and taste of the waterCan remove the sediments, dirt, rust and chlorineProvides high flow rate of 20 gallons per minuteEasy to install and replaceSimple and compact bodyManufacturer provides easy filter replacement.


Needs pre-filters if there are lots of sediments in water

Comparison Of These 5 Whole House Water Filters

Whole House Water Filter SystemSo, these are the top 5 whole house water filters that you can consider while buying one house filter for purifying water. There is no doubt that each and every filter that has made to the list of top 5 is amazing and versatile. But when it comes to comparison, one has to win. There are several factors that determine the winner. If you have a large family then the winner according to you will not be the same according to the one with a smaller family. As mentioned earlier, the capacity, filtration system, flow rate and many other factors determine which one you should buy. Here is a short comparison between these 5 best whole house water filters.

Capacity: When it comes to the capacity, the clear winner is the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter as it can produce 1,000,000 gallons of water. Also, it will last up to 10 years without the need to change the filters. This is really amazing and it is surely the best one for the ones who have a large family. The rest 3 filters (except the Watts WH-LD Whole House water filter) can produce 100,000 gallons of water and the filter can last for 1 year. Each filter of Watts WH-LD filtration unit can filter about 6000 gallon of water. It is ideal for a family of 2 people maximum.

Filtration System: Each and every whole house water filter comes with 3-stage water filtration system except the Aqua-Pure whole house water filtration system. The 3 stage filtration system is a great choice as this ensures that the chlorine, sediments and harmful particles are completely removed from the water before you use the water for drinking, cooking and showering. Choose a 3-stage water filtration system can ensure you the healthiest and purest water.

Size & Weight: Talking about sizes and weight, the lightest of all is the Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System with the most compact and sleek body. Each and every other filtration system comes with almost similar weight and body structure. But sizes and weight is not a factor to choose.

Performance: When it comes to performance definitely all these 5 are the best. But the most efficient ones of the 4 are the Home master Whole House 3-stage Water Filter and Aquasala Whole House Water Filter. Both provide a great filtration system with best rate of flow. You can enjoy ultimate flow pressure with these two. The Pelican Water Filter is also great for filtration of water. They perform brilliantly and keep the flow of the water intact throughout. Whenever you open a tap, you will get the same pressure and intensity of flow throughout the day. Also, it can clean the water up to 95 to 98% removing contaminants all the harmful items, be it chlorine, sediments or any toxic metals.

Maintenance: As mentioned above, each and every filter needs a minimum amount of maintenance to work steadily and efficiently. Majority of the filters needed to be changed or replaced every year. But the Aquasana filtration system can run straight for 10 years without the need for replacement as it can provide 1,000,000 gallons of water. But maintenance is importance and you need to clean the filters regularly so that you get the best rate of flow throughout.

Things to consider for whole house water filters

Whole House Water Filter ReviewsNot every house water filter is similar to one another. There are many features and specifications that can vary from one whole house water filter to another. While selecting the best whole house water filter, you must consider each and every factor. There are many features that you must consider while buying a filter. Even the types of contaminants that a water filter can remove from the water will vary from one type of filter to another. Here are some of the factors that you have to look for when selecting the best whole house water filter:

#1: Flow of water

The amount of water that is produced by the whole house water filter differs from one filter to another. Hence, the filtered water produced determines the flow of water. Since the entire water reaching your showers, appliances, toilets and faucets is entirely filtered, you must consider the capacity of water flow. Otherwise there can be shortage of water every time you want to use it. For a small household family, 10 gallons of water per minute will be perfect. But it will not be the same if you have a larger family. Larger family will definitely consume and use more volume of water at the same time whereas smaller family will use much lesser volume of water.

#2: Type Of Water Filter

best whole house water filtersAnother important factor that you must consider is the type of filters and the number of filters. There are various types of filters available in the market and each can block different types of contaminants. First it is important to do a water test of the water that enters into your house. Based on that, you can buy a unit with the best filters that have the potential to filter out the contaminants found in the test. In case you have a heavy metal contamination in your water, then a unit with zinc-copper mineral filter will be really helpful. To get rid of the high bacterial contamination in your water, units having UV filters will be the best for you.

#3: Longevity of the Whole Filter

Every whole house filter system needs little maintenance. Hence the longevity is one of the most important factors or features that you must consider. Changing or cleaning the water filters is an important task that you must perform every now and then to ensure that the water you are using is perfectly clean and pure. The longevity of the filters generally depends on the amount of water that it filters out. You can opt for a 100,000 gallon filter if you have a small family. Otherwise you can choose the 1,000,000-gallon filter for the same filtration system. This depends entirely on the amount of water consumptions and needs.

#4: Water Consumption

Before you buy a whole house water filter unit, you must consider the amount of water consumed by your household. It might seem really easy for you to buy a unit with cheaper filter and less capacity. But that can be really difficult for you and your entire house while using. You may end up buying a new filter again within 5 years of installation. It is a loss. So, consider the consumption of your family before you buy a filter of the right size ad capacity.

#5: NSF Certified Water Filters

NSF Water System Certification LogoWhen you are considering the important features and factors for your whole house water filter, this is one of the most important ones. No matter what, you must not buy any filter system which is not certified by NSF. A NSF certified water filter system is always safe to use and it is built according to the healthy standards for the people. So, you must ensure that you are buying a water filter which is certified by NSF.

#6: Water Filter Effectiveness – Microns

When you test your water, you will be able to determine the micron rating you need for a filtration system. The smaller the micron the better the filtration. But, you may not need a small rating if you are not filtering a highly contaminated water supply. A good filtration system will block elements that exceed 0.35 microns.

Benefits of whole house water filters

Whole House Water Filtration DiagramA whole house water filter comes with a great system which is capable of filtering the entire water that you are using in your house. It is installed in such a way that it can filter the water before it reaches your heater and water pipes. So, whether you are using hot water or cold water, all are filtered ones. There are several benefits of using this whole house water filter.

First of all, there are many dusts and sediments in water which can be troublesome. It is really harmful if we use that water in cooking or for drinking. This can cause several health issues like diarrhea, cholera etc. This whole house filtration system can filter out all the dusts and sediments efficiently.Even sometimes, there are some harsh chemicals present in the water. You may not notice the presence of the chemicals in water but it can affect you negatively. As much as it is extremely bad for you to drink it, using it on your body while showering is also not safe. These chemicals can have an adverse effect on your skin as well. The filters can help you by filtering out the chemicals from your water system.It can efficiently improve the quality of water to a great extent which is really helpful for your health as well as for your family’s health.

You can use the water directly coming out from the tap for cooking and drinking. You do not have to install a water filtration system separately.

Are you a DIYer? Checkout The DIY Whole House Water Filter Below.

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Whether you are using it for drinking, cooking or even for showering, it is important to use water that is completely pure and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. If you want to install a whole house water filtration system at your home then it is important to make the right choice. Getting the product at the cheapest price is not what you must do. There is a list of top 5 whole house water filters along with all the features and specifications mentioned. It is easier to understand the functionality of each and every product now.

The comparison provided to you will help you figure out why a water filter is necessary and help you find the best whole house water filtration system for your house. The filtration system, capacity of water, flow rate, certification and types of filters is what you need to compare. A 3-stage water purification system ensures that each and every harmful contamination is removed from the water. Though filtering out 100% of the impurities is not possible but cleaning up to 98% is pretty great. This can improve your health and lifestyle to a great extent. You can use water for every purpose without the fear of consuming and in-taking harmful chemicals. Water is meant to be life and it is important to keep it healthy and pure all the time. You must choose the best filtration system that is perfect according to the needs and requirements of your house and family. Here in the comparison, various types of filtration systems are mentioned that are ideal for different sizes of the family. So, it will be much easier for you to choose the best from here.

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