What is KDF 55?

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF 55 is a unique, copper-zinc formulation with high-quality purity using the basic chemical process redox to eliminate contaminants like chlorine, mercury, lead, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from tap water. Redox also helps in removing bacteria, algae, fungi, as well as the prevention of lime scale buildup thanks to its water purifying properties.

How Does KDF 55 Work?

As the copper-zinc formulation intersperses with brass granules in the filter system, the reaction generates a reaction known as redox or oxidative reduction. The basic chemical process creates a tiny electric field as it uses the impurities found within the water. As water is an excellent insulator, electrons flow while either attaching or detaching from the impurities within the water. As a result, these impurities become harmless, making the water safe for use and drinking. The small electric field created by the chemical process also helps eliminate passing microbes in the tap water.

What Does a KDF 55 Filter Remove?

A KDF 55 filter removes contaminants found within your water supply, including iron, magnesium, calcium carbonate, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, chromium, and chlorine. It is also effective in getting rid of harmful microbes, fungi, and algae in your tap water. Whether you get your water from a municipal water supplier or a deep well, a KDF 55 filter helps in keeping your water safe and free of the abovementioned impurities.

Are KDF 55 Filters Safe?

According to studies conducted on the filter media, KDF 55 filters are safe and even recommended in various water treatment systems. Additionally, these are EPA and FDA approved filters. Just like with any other filter system, though, it’s essential to follow the condition for operations to achieve the best results and avoid potential hazards.

How Long Do KDF 55 Filters Last?

Depending on the frequency of usage and other factors like condition for operations, a KDF 55 filter in good condition will last more than six years. However, the longevity of the filter may vary from one household to the other due to various factors.

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