What are Herbicides?

Also known as weedkillers, herbicides are either liquid or powder substances used to control weeds and unwanted plants in backyards, farms, commercial areas, industrial sites, construction sites, and other places. Herbicides can either be selective or nonselective herbicides, which eliminates specific weeds and kills all kinds of weeds, respectively.

Almost 87% of the herbicides used in the United States are applied in agricultural settings. Unfortunately, contamination is common in some of the nearby water systems due to the use or misuse of these substances. Herbicides remain potent for a long time in the soil. Therefore, the contaminant can be washed to nearby water systems, including private wells.

How Do Herbicides Affect Water?

Herbicides, regardless of the sources, make the water impossible and unsafe to consume. Contaminated water may cause several health problems when consumed by an individual. Affected water systems must stop their operations until proper treatment measures are made.

How Do Herbicides Cause Water Pollution?

When herbicides enter the water systems, they contaminate the water by making it unsafe and unsuitable for human use and consumption. Due to the introduction of new substances into the water systems, natural water ecosystems are altered and creates new pollution conditions.

How Do You Remove Herbicides from Water?

The use of reverse osmosis (RO) and granular activated carbon can remove at least 97 to 99% of herbicides present in the water. Herbicides are left out or removed when they pass through the membrane in a reverse osmosis system. Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters herbicides and other contaminants so they can’t pass through the faucet.

Modern water filtration systems in residential and commercial settings are effective in removing herbicides and other harmful substances found in our waters. Investing in a reliable water filtration system can keep your loved ones protected from herbicides and other contaminants that may be present in your drinking water.

List of Contaminants

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