What is Centaur Catalytic Adsorptive Carbon?

Centaur catalytic absorptive carbon is a granular activated carbon filter media ideal for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as bad odor, unpleasant taste, and other impurities in your tap water. It is highly effective at removing impurities like chloramines and VOCs in water. If your water sources tested positive for the presence of VOCs, chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminants, Centaur is one of the best available solutions to your problem. The media is also an effective filter in its liquid phase as it promotes oxidation, decomposition, reduction, elimination, and substitution reactions.

How Does It Work?

The granular activated carbon media displays catalytic functionality despite not being impregnated with alkali or metals. Centaur absorbs impurities and other trace contaminants into its pores during its catalytic activity.

Where Is Centaur Used as a Filter Media?

Centaur is a granular activated carbon media utilized in commercial and residential water filtration systems. The bottling and soft drink industry also relies heavily on the filter media for the treatment of process water. Some aquarium fish hobbyists apply the media in their filters for aquarium water treatment.

What are the Advantages of the Centaur?

Due to its smaller system size, it is a cost-effective filter media compared to the other types of activated carbon. The filter media is non-toxic because it does not have chemical impregnants. The cost-effective filter media has a higher efficiency rating when it comes to removing contaminants. Centaur can work at low oxidant levels without reduced performance. It is also a reliable granular activated carbon media that excels at handling spikes in concentration.

Is it Worth Having as a Filter Media?

Just like with any type of media, the answer to this question depends on several factors, including contaminants in the water, pH level, and other water-related concerns. Adding Centaur to your filter system is great as long it removes the impurities in your water source.

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