What is Perfluorooctancesulfonic Acid (PFOS)?

Also known as perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) is a global contaminant used as a critical ingredient in Scotchgard. It is an anthropogenic fluorosurfactant with chemical formula C8HF17O3S. The chemical substance found in either solid or liquid form is dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment.

What is PFOS in Water?

The synthetic compounds are hard to break down either in the human body or in the environment. Commonly used in industrial sites as sodium and potassium salts, PFOS may enter water systems from improper disposal of waste and storage.

Is PFOS in Bottled Water?

No. Almost all bottled waters in the United States are safe from the chemical contaminant. If your tap water contains PFOS or any other impurity, then bottled water is the most reliable alternative to your drinking water.

What are the Health Effects Associated with PFOS in Drinking Water?

Human exposure to PFOS may lead to several health issues, including developmental effects to fetuses, liver damages, and increased risks of getting cancer.

Can Boiling Water Remove PFOS?

No. The boiling process does not remove PFOS from your tap water. Instead, it increases the concentration level of the chemical contaminant.

How Do You Remove PFOS from Drinking Water?

There are several methods to remove PFOS from drinking water, including the use of activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and Reverse Osmosis. A water treatment unit designed with activated carbon filters is an active purification system to protect your family from the health issues associated with PFOS.

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