What is the function of 1, 1, 2 trichloroethane?

1,1,2-Trichloroethane is used to make vinylidene chloride, which is used to make synthetic fibers and plastic wraps.
It is also used in adhesives, production of Teflon tubing, in lacquer and coating formulations, as a chemical intermediate and a solvent.
A solvent is a chemical that can dissolve other compounds, used for chlorinating rubbers, fats, oils, waxes, and resins.
and its also used in the process of making 1,1 dichloroethane.

What color is 1, 1, 2 trichloroethane?

1,1,2 Trichloroethane is a liquid with a sweet smell and no color.
Evaporates easily and it’s not very flammable.

What is the formula of 1,1,2 - trichloroethane?

It can be identified by both chemical formulas: C2H3Cl3 or CHCl2CH2Cl.

What are 1,1,2 Trichloroethane synonyms?

The most common ones are Ethane, 1,1,2-trichloro-beta-Trichloroethane.

What is 1, 1 2-trichloroethane boiling point?

This organochlorine solvent does not dissolve in water, but it can be soluble in most organic solvents and the boiling point is 114ºC.

Is 1, 1 2-trichloroethane harmful?

There is no information about the carcinogenic effect of this compound in humans, but when it gets in touch with skin, it can produce burning and stinging sensations.
Animals studies have shown negative effects on the kidney and central nervous system after inhalation or oral exposure, the chronic studies have shown a down in the immune system.
Because of  these results, 1,1,2-Trichloroethane is classified as Possible Human Carcinogen.

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