What is KDF 85?

KDF 85 is a granular filter media that removes contaminants like iron, lead, nickel, hydrogen sulfide, chromium, and other dissolved metals found in the water supply. It is a high-purity media used in the pre-treatment, wastewater treatment, and primary water treatment to reduce impurities in tap water and improve the quality of it.

How Does KDF 85 Work?

With the use of the redox process, KDF 85 converts contaminants into harmless elements in your water. The process helps in the removal or reduction of contaminants like iron, hydrogen sulfide, and other impurities in water supplies. KDF 85 removes more than 90% of the iron present in groundwater. When used with other filter media, the granular medium is efficient in removing contaminants.

What are the Advantages of a KDF 85 Filter?

Some of the best advantages of a KDF 85 filter are being 100% recyclable materials, EPA and FDA approved for maximum limits of zinc and copper, and no chemicals added into the filter media. They are also among the most efficient filter media when it comes to removing iron, chlorine, and other heavy metals in tap water. If partnered with a granular activated carbon filter, they increase the longevity of the carbon media. Lastly, studies show they outperform silver-impregnated carbons in terms of removing contaminants in water.

Can You Apply a KDF 85 Filter at Home?

Yes. However, the common applications of KDF 85 are in municipal water treatment, process water treatment, commercial water treatment, and medical water treatment. Since they are cost-effective, they are viable options for water treatment in residential settings.

What are the Disadvantages of a KDF 85 Filter?

Unlike other filter media, a stand-alone KDF 85 filter will not remove parasitic cysts or organic chemicals from your tap water. Periodic backwashing of KDF media is essential to the effectiveness and longevity of the filter media. For effective removal of contaminants within the water, it’s best to combine KDF media with other filtration technologies.

Is a KDF 85 Filter a Good Investment?

If used properly and fused with the right filtration technologies, a KDF 85 filter is an amazing investment, whether to protect your loved ones at home or improve the quality of water at your company. In the right hands, a KDF filter is a wonderful investment.

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