Katadyn BeFree: The Best Bike-Friendly Water Filter?

Is the Katadyn BeFree the most bike-friendly water filter on the market? In our latest video, we take a look at this ultralight, easy to use, collapsable water filter that’s compact enough to fit almost anywhere—perfect for both bikepacking and day rides. Find the long-term review here…

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What is it – 0:55
How to use it – 2:21
When to use it – 3:30
Durability – 4:56

If you can’t purchase this product locally, here are some affiliate links where we get a small kickback.
Katadyn BeFree 1L:
Katadyn BeFree.5L:
Katadyn BeFree Filter Only:

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Notes: Our apologize about the banding in this video.
Hosted by Neil Beltchenko
Music by Ben Weaver (
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