10 Reasons I Won't Use Berkey Water Purifiers (And 4 Ways Why I Still Love Them)

10 Reasons I Won't Use Berkey Water Purifiers (And 4 Ways Why I Still Love Them)

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Berkey water purifiers. I know they are the best. They’re also really annoying to use.

I’m sharing my personal reasons why I chose to return my water purifier after trying it out.

Watch my video of setting up my Berkey water purifier:

Want to try out a Berkey – with free returns? Get one here:

Berkey Water Purifier Alternative

Lifestraw Pitcher Filter:

*Comments have been turned off because of trolls, harassing and rude responses. If you like this water filter so much, why do you have to be hateful and nasty in supporting it?

Table of Contents

0:00 Why I Don’t Like Berkey Water Purifiers
0:44 Best Water Purifier
1:30 No Installation Needed
3:15 Size of the Berkey Too Big
5:25 Taste of the Purified Water
6:22 Priming Berkey Water Filters
10:16 Instructions for Berkey Water Filter
12:16 Berkey Water Filter Leaking
14:44 Flow of Water
15:26 How to Fill a Berkey
16:50 Berkey Maintenance
17:44 Berkey Return Policy

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