DIY 6 Gallon Ceramic Gravity Water Filter / Budget Filtration System / ProPur ProBlack-D

DIY 6 Gallon Ceramic Gravity Water Filter / Budget Filtration System / ProPur ProBlack-D

This video shows how to make a home made ProPur gravity style water filtration system, using ceramic, charcoal and silver impregnated filters. This system cost $35 in parts (not including filters which are about $95 per pair), using food grade buckets and fittings easily obtainable from home brew stores for a total price of $130. Comparable commercial systems run around $350. Cost per gallon is about 2 cents. This portable system is good for emergencies and when SHTF if water is treated with bleach, purification tablets or boiling.
SHTFandGO Candle Ceramic Filter Black 7 inch Silver Carbon with Activated Carbon (QTY-2)

Royal Berkey Water Filter System RB4X2 with 2 Berkey Black Filters and 2 Fluoride Filters Bundled with One Stainless Steel Live Healthy Water Bottle:

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2 Liter Water Filter from Natural Items

2 Liter Water Filter from Natural Items

In this video I will show how to build a water filter using an empty 2 Liter bottle and materials that you can source from the wild. This will work with any container, whether it be a bottle, hollow wood or whatever will hold water. The More you cycle through the filter the cleaner the water will be. I was using some VERY muddy water, try and source the best water you can find. Thanks for watching.

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DIY Emergency 5 Gallon Water Filter / Filtration System for $35 SHTF Bushcraft Berkey Royal Doulton

DIY Emergency 5 Gallon Water Filter / Filtration System for $35 SHTF Bushcraft Berkey Royal Doulton

This video shows how to make and use the home made Berkey type water filtration system. This one is made for less than $35 in parts and you will see that it will turn the nastiest of Oklahoma water in to clean SAFE drinking water in a reasonable amount of time. This system is NOT super fast (yet…give me time) but it will clean 5 gallons of drinking water in about 24 hours (Website says 14 per day) . I believe that I may have figured out how to speed that up to 5 gallons in an hour or so, stop back and see it I make that work. This works GREAT and is SOOO much cheaper than the store bought systems that do the same thing.

Build your own off of Amazon!!! Add Air pressure and make it 4x as fast!!!
Basic Filter –
High Flow Multi Candle Filter Module –

This bucket is perfect for doing a pressurized version!
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Bucket –
Outer Mount Metal Valve Stem –

You only need 2 lbs of air pressure to make it WAY faster, this ball pump with gauge gets it done easily and is really portable! –

The life straw is a MUST for your bug out or get home bag!!
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter –

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Berkey Travel Water Filtration System Review and Test

Berkey Travel Water Filtration System Review and Test

BiblesnBarbells Store:

Priming Your Berkey Filters:

Berkey Travel Filter System:

Berkey Maintenance Kit:

Directive 21- The Berkey Guy:

Travel Berkey Information:

Compact Travel Berkey Water Filtration System

Years ago, before we developed the Travel Berkey water filter, before we offered different size systems, we were always asked why we did not offer a system that was smaller. Our customers pointed out the benefits this more compact size would offer. After much research and customer feedback we developed the Travel Berkey water filter to meet our customers’ needs. Because of its smaller more compact size, this water filter system is the ideal unit for traveling or for use in areas where counter top space is at a premium like motorhomes, motels or efficiency apartments. It easily fits into a suitcase or even an airline carry-on bag when traveling. The Travel Berkey’s ability to accept up to two filters makes it able to provide drinking water for small groups of people or smaller families of up to four people. The Travel Berkey lid as well as the upper and lower containers are all made of a high grade, durable stainless steel that is engineered to last a lifetime. This water filter system comes with everything you need to start purifying your drinking water within minutes of assembly including easy to set up instructions with no tools or special knowledge required. The tried and true stainless steel container material provides an easy to clean surface that does not allow contaminants to permeate the container. This ultra-hard smooth construction offers the benefits of resisting stubborn lime and water scale buildup, making it much easier to maintain than filter housings made of other materials.

The Travel Berkey is the perfect size!
Price: $228.00

Key Features: Two Black Berkey purifier filters (will produce approximately 6000 gallons of drinking water before needing to be replaced) Produces up to 2.75 gallons of filtered drinking water per hour 7.5″D x 18″H 6 Lbs. Dry High quality stainless steel container Easy flow spigot Knob for lid Complete assembly and maintenance instructions Compatible with the Berkey PF2 Fluoride filter

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How To Make a Water Filter In The Wild

How To Make a Water Filter In The Wild

Disclaimer. This water filter will not make the water SAFE. It will only render it clear and make it more palatable. you must boil it afterwards or use another form of proper disinfection. SODIS or Solar Disinfection would work.

In this video I go through the processes of constructing a primitive filter utilizing natural recourses such as charcoal from a fire, moss, and sand. I use a soda bottle as the filter container to show you the individual layers and to see the water seep through the layers.

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Water Filtration Machine - Subnautica Guide

Water Filtration Machine – Subnautica Guide

In this guide I will show you a nice quick and easy location to grab the water filtration machine plans.
Cave Entrance
(135, -70, -400)
Base Entrance
(81, -264, -361)

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DIY Water Filter! (w/manual siphon pump!) - Off-Grid Water Purifier! cleans water fast! ppm rds

DIY Water Filter! (w/manual siphon pump!) – Off-Grid Water Purifier! cleans water fast! ppm rds

DIY Water Purifier w/non-electric “Human Powered” Pump! simple “activated carbon” water filter w/siphon pump. made using PVC pipe, (w/a couple of brass fittings), some scrap window screen – and the carbon. great for purifying tap water, rain water, stream/river water (or any “moving” water source). works good with lake/pond water too (just boil it before or after filtering). activated carbon filtering removes over 200 chemical contaminants (herbicides/pesticides, pharmaceuticals… you name t). also removes all bad odors/tastes/smells and removes most dirt debris and sediment. pump is $5.59 from harbor freight. carbon from walmart $6.00 and PVC (@brass fittings) from home depot. great for camping/hiking/off-grid/emergency/shtf or everyday use. couple of notes: if collection container is lower than source water, then you only have to pump it a few times (to get it going) and it will run theoretically forever (siphoning action). ppm water reading included in video. the pump is multi-use. it comes with an air hose too, so it can be used for air mattresses, beach balls etc…

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How to Make Charcoal Sand Water Purifier at Home - Science Project | DIY

How to Make Charcoal Sand Water Purifier at Home – Science Project | DIY

How do you make a water purifier with household items?

Constructing your own DIY water filter not only conveniently provides clean water — it also may save your life in unusual situations that you don’t have pure water. An improvised water filter will improve the taste of and remove harmful contaminants  from ground or lake water. The following steps explain how you can put together a charcoal water filter using everyday items.

  1. You will need completely cooled, fresh (preferably) charcoal such as that from a camp fire or grill; a cylindrical container such as a bucket or two-liter soda bottle cut at one end; a large stone; and grass or sand.
  2. To fashion your DIY charcoal water filter, you will need to craft a funnel to act as the filter. For this you can use a large leaf or strip of tree bark. If you are using a soda bottle, cut the top off and flip it upside down so that the bottle cap is pointing toward the bottom of the bottle.
  3. You will need to poke a hole in the bottle cap so that water can be filtered.
  4. Once you have your mechanism ready, use the stone to crush your charcoal then place it into the funnel. Next, pack sand or grass on top of the charcoal as this will aid the filtering process.
  5. Finally, pour the ground or lake water into the funnel.
  6. The water will filter down into the container slowly.
  7. Repeat this process until the water reaches the clarity you desire.
  8. For the most sterile results, boil the water a few minutes after you have filtered it to get rid of any remaining microscopic contaminants.

Is charcoal water healthy?

Activated charcoal is a odorless black powder and it have been used for a long time helping to filter water since it can interact with it. It can absorb toxins, drugs, viruses, bacteria, fungus and some harmful chemicals found in water. The body is unable to absorb charcoal, and so the toxins that bind to the charcoal leave the body in the feces.

In commercial settings, such as waste-management centers, operators often use activated carbon granules for one part of the filtration process. Dozens of water filtration products are also designed for at-home use, using carbon cartridges to purify water of toxins and impurities.

A 2015 study found that water filtration systems that used carbon removed as much as 100 percent of the fluoride in 32 unfiltered water samples after 6 months of installation.

Activated charcoal is produced by superheating natural sources of carbon-rich materials, such as wood, peat, coconut shells, or sawdust, to very high temperatures. The ‘activation’ process strips the charcoal of previously absorbed molecules and frees up bonding sites again. This process also reduces the size of the pores in the charcoal and makes more holes in each molecule, therefore, increasing its overall surface area.

The manufacture of activated charcoal makes it extremely adsorbent, allowing it to bind to molecules, ions, or atoms. Concluding, charcoal water it’s very healthy because it had the most of contaminants took off.

How does gravel sand and charcoal filter water?

  1. First, the gravel layer catches large pieces of debris, such as twigs, leaves, and bugs.
  2. Next, the sand layer catches smaller particles, such as dirt and grit, and makes the water look clean.
  3. Finally, the charcoal layer gets rid of bacteria and some chemicals.

But if you don’t have Charcoal, can you still make a Water Filter? Yes!

How do you make a homemade water filter without charcoal?

To make a water filter without activated charcoal, you need a replacement material that has pores large enough to allow water to pass through, but small enough to catch sediment, pathogens, or other impurities. Sand or ceramic are the best materials to use as replacements for activated charcoal.

Can you make sand water filter?

  1. Put it upside down in the beaker.
  2. Pour the pebbles into the bottle.
  3. Then pour the coarse sand on top of the pebbles and the fine sand on top of the coarse sand.
  4. Carefully pour about two liters of clean tap water through, being careful not to disturb the top layer of sand.

Build You Own DIY Water Filter

  1. Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules – 1,200 mg Highly Absorbent Helps Alleviate Gas & Bloating Promotes Natural detoxification Derived from Coconut Shells – per Serving – 100 Vegan Capsules
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  • Manufactured in a FDA registered facility in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

2. FairmountSantrol AquaQuartz-50 Pool Filter 20-Grade Silica Sand 50 Pounds, White

  • Ecologically safe sand does not solidify and will help prevent clogging and channeling
  • 100% natural sand is chemical free and backwashes easily and evenly
  • Filters out insects, leaves, oils, dirt, dust, hair and algae from pool water
  • Odorless, Premium #20 Grade swimming pool sand filter Media
  • Does not stain and ensures easy maintenance at a lower cost

3. Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Polished White Pebbles 3/8″ Gravel Size (2-lb Bag)

  • MULTIPLE USES: Fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers, and potted plants
  • SMALL GRAVEL SIZE: 3/8″ average size is perfect for small applications
  • POLISHED SURFACE: Pebbles are polished and coated in pure paraffin wax to enhance color and shine
  • WHITE COLOR: Each bag contains a wide variety of natural shapes and a beautiful white color
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Only natural stones and wax, no additional fillers, dyes, or oils
Primitive technology with survival skills build a water filter tank part 3

Primitive technology with survival skills build a water filter tank part 3

Hi. Primitive technology with survival skills builds a water filter tank part 3 is our next video. In this video we finished building a water filter tank. By the primitive technology we have filtered clean water from the tank, initially we make charcoal then go to streams for sand and stones. Charcoal can eliminate toxins and bacteria, rocks and sand that cleanse water. We let the charcoal make the first layer followed by stone and sand, large stones at the top. It takes 1 hour for water to be purified. We will continue to make the next video on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to watch the latest videos. Thank you.

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