How2: Make a $5 Emergency Water Filter

How2: Make a $5 Emergency Water Filter

I’ll be showing you how to make a three bucket filter and purifier for making almost any water safe to drink, using no to low cost materials and basic tools.
Filmed and deployed at the Rhino refugee camp in northern Uganda, where we are training South Sudanese and Congolese refugees how to build their own low tech alternative infrastructure from recycled and repurposed materials.

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My name is Daniel Connell. I prototype and develop basic technologies which anyone can make using recycled materials and simple tools.
The aim is for everyone everywhere to be able to build and maintain their own infrastructure; producing their own energy, food, clean water, communications, and anything else they need.

All designs are open source and license free for any purpose, and full construction tutorials and how-tos are available on the website.

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Blue Star Pristina UV Water Purifier - Demo

Blue Star Pristina UV Water Purifier – Demo

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Hi friends , in this video I’ve briefly explained the working and functioning of the Blue Star Pristina UV Water Purifier.
– It uses UV technology to provide safe and healthy purified water.
– It is not an RO purifier, and hence suitable for municipal water only, (not suitable for bore well water).
– The product dimension in mm is 240(W) x 142 (D) x 350 (H).
– The net weight is 2.45 kg.
– Power consumption is 25W.
– It purifies max. 2 litres per minute.
– It is compact in size and can be wall mounted or kept on a counter top.
– It has 5-stage purification to ensure pure and healthy drinking water.
– The smart micro controller (a special feature in this model) continuously monitors, the quality of output water and also ensures smooth functioning of the unit.
I have explained all the features and also given a demo of filling water from the purifier. The water is really pure, hygienic and tasty.
I hope you all like the video and find it useful and helpful.
Thank you for watching. Please share your experiences with your purifiers. Comments and queries welcome!

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Make Sure Your Water Is Safe To Drink.