Nano Filtration Membrane Is Better For Low tds Of Tap Water | RO Water Support | Reverse Osmosis |

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KNL NF 40 For 60 % ppm minerals in pure water –
KENT Gold Smart 7-Litres Non-Electric UF Water Purifier, White –
Aquadove UF water purifier Non Electronic Filter for Home –

KNL NF80 (Nanofiltration) TFC Dry 100 GPD NF Membrane, BARC licensed, flux rate around 22 ltrs/hr, Pore Size 0.0002 μ, Rejection rate between (80-90)%, for RO/NF (reverse osmosis) water purifiers-

KNL Lexpure RO Membrane Housing, Food Grade Plastic, Compatible with 75 GPD, 80 GPD and 100 GPD Membrane-

KNL Healthy Drops, KNL-NF40-AR, NF (Nanofiltration) RO Water Purifier with Alkaline Regulator, Used for 150 ppm to 350 ppm raw Water tds, 13 LTR Detachable Tank, Safer Than UV+UF+TDS Adjuster System-

AQUA DOVE Uf Non Electric Water Purifier with Spiral Wound Uf Membrane Technology for Home- guy

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