Gravity Water Filter - Impressions After 1 Year

How easy it is to take for granted having access to clean water. Next to shelter pure drinking water is a critical element for our survival. A ceramic gravity water filter is an essential tool that no preparedness minded family should be without. The top three water filters on the market are the Berky, Aqua-Rain, and the Propur. All three filters are very similar. Whatever brand you decide to purchase should serve you well for many years. I like the ceramic gravity filters because of their simplicity. Gravity water filters require no electricity and can be used just about anywhere. Periodically you will need to clean the filters. Simply remove cartridge from the stainless steel canister and gently rinse. A scotch bright pad can be used to remove mineral deposits. Be very careful with your ceramic filter cartridges. If you take care of them they will take care of you.

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