DIY Big Berkey Style Water Filter System with 5 Gallon Buckets (for 1/4 the cost)

Berkey water filters such as the Big Berkey have become the standard in free-standing, home water filtration systems. But with a price tag of $300, I wanted something that was a lot less expensive. So using (BPA-free, food-grade) buckets and the same type of filter elements that the Berkey systems use, I was able to build my own high-capacity water filtering system for 75% less than the Big Berkey costs.
Here are the materials I used:

Waterdrop BB9-2 Filter Elements (2 Pack)

Or see these filters on Amazon:

5-Gallon Food-Grade Buckets

Bucket Lids

Water Cooler Spigot

Also, Berkey makes a manual filter priming gadget for this type of filter element (that doesn’t require running water pressure):

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Big Berkey Components
02:26 – DIY Price Comparison
04:18 – Building the Filtration System
06:11 – Priming the Filters
06:42 – Test & Demonstration

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