Best Water Filter For Washing Cars!

This in my opinion is the best water filter for washing your car if you live at a place where there is a lot of contaminates or harsh metals in your water. I recently moved and the water at my house is very harsh and awful for washing vehicles.

About this item
[CARBON FIBER CARTRIDGE] The upgraded cartridge can remove sediments, 99.5% of chlorine, 95.78% of chloroform, 99.5% of iron, 98.7% of manganese, 99.2% of lead, 98.8% of arsenic, odors, bad tastes and more
[THREE STAGE IN ONE] Integrates pleated polyester, carbon fiber and KDF55 in one 4.5×10 inch cartridge, while reducing the quantity of housing, the service life of each stage are 2.7 times more than the 2.5×10“ water filter with three housing
[ANTI-CLOGGING DESIGN] Pleated polyester design greatly increases the filter area to 1000 square inch, makes it 256 times more than small RV water filters, one cartridge can filter at least 18000 gallons of water without clogging
[FRESH WATER IN FULL FLOW] Benefit from NSF certified carbon fiber, you can hardly feel the drop in water pressure. Moreover, 0.1-6GPM outlet flow rate can be accepted, easily works perfect under most high water pressure
[18000 GALLONS CAPACITY] One replacement cartridge (ASIN:B094HXMLM5 ) have a 7 times of service life than ordinary small RV water filter, enjoy excellent performance and full water flow, will also reduce your spending by 60%

Kintim 3 Stage in 1 Water Filter:

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