5 of the Best Water Pitcher Filters

Water filter pitchers are a popular, portable method of water filtration. They’re convenient, easy to use, and decorative. Many pitchers claim to improve drinking water and your health. It’s easy to believe these claims without challenging effectiveness, so we put best-selling water filter pitchers to the test!
Join John Woodard, Master Water Specialist, and the Fresh Water Systems team as we test five of the most popular water pitcher filters: Zero Water, Brita LongLast, Clearly Filtered, Seychelle pitcher, and PUR.

1:50 – Our Pitcher Selections
2:28 – Ease of Use Test
3:46 – Speed Test
5:31 – Design Test
9:02 – Contaminant Reduction Test
12:03 – Blind Taste Test
14:15 – Filtered Soda Test
17:07 – Our Water Pitcher Awards

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