How to Install a Below Counter or Sink Water Filtration System| RO UV UF TDS Water purifier |Kent RO

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In this Video Iam Going to explain the Advantages and installation process of UTC Ro Sysytem , We bought Kent Excell+ RO Water Purifier , you can purchase from other brands like AO Smith , Aquaguard etc.
Under the Counter RO is better than Wall mounted Ro because Wall mounted water purifiers were designed specially for the traditional Indian kitchens where there were no kitchen cabinets nor built in sink But, The under-the-counter/sink RO unit is specially designed for use with modern kitchens and is the most widely used type of water purifier in Europe, USA and other advanced countries.
UTC RO System gives you easy access to healthy water, Neat Kitchen Couter top with best utilisation of under sink space and therby saving expensive counter space and even allows you to wash fruits and vegetables with purified water.It is also suitable for attachment with water coolers and for refrigerators with water dispenser.
The design of under-counter water filters is straightforward and installation procedures are similar among all major brands. Water is taken from the supply line at a tee fitting beneath the sink, conveyed through the water filter, then piped to the filter faucet.
1.Before beginning, you’ll need to turn off the cold water supply to the sink.
2.You’ll have to drill a Hole for Faucet. Stainless steel sinks can be easily drilled with a standard metal drill bit.Granite or other stone sinks should only be drilled by a professional stone technician. Check the filter manufacturer’s instructions for the correct size hole .For us it is 11mm
3.Make Sure you have a power point beneath your sink to run RO system

Step 1 – Unpack the hydrostatic tank and RO purifier from the box using a knife/scissor. Now place the purifier and the tank on your kitchen slab or Plane surface. Check all the items that come with the water purifier
Step 2 – To set up water connection, keep the required plumbing tools ready before turning off the main water line. Remember, install the water purifier on normal water supply and not on hot water supply.

Step 3- Drill a hole of specified mm into the sink or granite and mount the faucet on the kitchen sink or wall or granite

Step 4 – For installing hydrostatic tank, place the tank along with the stand on the floor below the sink. Now, wrap the Teflon tape on the input-output port and then fix the 90 degree ball valve on it.

Step 5 – Now its time to mount the purifier on the wall. Use the drilling sticker to drill two holes on the wall where the water filter will be placed, as we are going to mount it later, so we kept it down only
Step 6 – For installing the RO Purifier, remove the front transparent cover and cut the wires holding the carbon block, Sediment filter, UV chamber, and RO membrane. Then hang the purifier on the wall where the screws were drilled.
Step 7 – Check the TDS level to get healthy and tasty drinking water from Kent RO water purifiers.

Step 8- Observe all connections and verify that nothing’s leaking.
Step 9-The first time you open the filtered water faucet after installation, let the water run for several minutes to flush the filter.
Step 10- Make sure to get Warranty Card Updates by Technician
I Have Tried to Cover every Informative point regarding Installation of Under the counter Ro Purifier . Hope this will Help you in Deciding wheather to go for UTC or Wall Mounted Ro Purifier
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