Which Whole House Water Filtration System We Chose & Why | #AskWardee 134

Which Whole House Water Filtration System We Chose & Why | #AskWardee 134

Which Whole House Water Filtration System We Chose & Why | #AskWardee 134

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The truth is, we need water more than anything. Yet, water can either heal us… or it can make us sick!

Did you know there are 2,100 known water contaminants? Including chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, endocrine disruptors, glyphosate, and nitrates, plus others, they can cause cancer, allergies, hormone imbalances, respiratory issues, and much more.

Our world is more contaminated than ever, so now it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re drinking and bathing in clean, uncontaminated water.

On today’s #AskWardee, I’ll share the details on which whole house water filtration system we chose… and why! Plus, I’ll give you options if you can’t or aren’t able to use a whole house system. You might be surprised at the number of options and the affordability!
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Reverse osmosis water purification scam: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Reverse osmosis water purification scam: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

Clean Water, Dirty Tricks: Marketplace goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems — devices that can cost thousands of dollars, but which most people simply may not need.
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Shocking Water Filter Review & Comparison: Berkey, Doulton, Reverse Osmosis,  etc.

Shocking Water Filter Review & Comparison: Berkey, Doulton, Reverse Osmosis, etc.

After over two decades and $1,000 in cost buying, using and testing water filters I share my experiences and recommendations on water filters. I review the pros and cons of several water filter and purification systems including Berkey, Doulton, Reverse Osmosis, Monolithic, Just Water, Zen, and Ceramic Candle water filters. What you hear and my recommendations might just shock you.

DECEMBER 2012 UPDATE: This was a personal message sent to me, “”True story :Berkey sent my unit 2 years ago a full berkey setup for a roaving camp “near iran” snipers/SF mostly.
Used NOTHING but the berkey for 2 years. Put the most discusting water with slight radiation and horrid chemicles in it. Worked 100% every time.Sent samples to our water treatment guys….impressed the sh@@ out of them. LITERALLY we ran our berkey 24/7 .Never had one medical issue related to drinking the water. That crown is still in the field today. I am home now with a big berkey…loving it.” The moral of the story is, if you have to trust you life on your water filter working, trust a Berkey filter.

To get the lowest unadvertised pricing on any Berkey system email me at Berkey@LDSPrepper.com with “Berkey Discount Pricing” in the subject of the email.

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Reviewing The Best Water Purifier On The Market? | ZIP Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Filter | Part 2

Reviewing The Best Water Purifier On The Market? | ZIP Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Filter | Part 2

🌟 👇🏼 🌟 👇🏼 🌟
TDS & pH Testing the ZIP RO Water Filter! (Part 2)

In my last video I covered why I believe the ZIP Reverse Osmosis Zero Installation Purifier was the best countertop water filter on the market and why I chose it for my home and family.

I took a couple of months to use and get to know the machine so that I can give a better review of my experience with the ZIP filter.

In this video I tested water filtered using the ZIP against tap water, left over ZIP water (concentrated dirty water on the bottom tank), bottled Reverse Osmosis water, and a high pH alkaline bottled water. (Results in video)

My conclusion:
After testing I firmly believe the ZIP water filter is the best choice for water purification for my household. I love how convenient it is and it is great to know we are drinking water free of contaminants. In addition, I love that this machine goes a step above most and has a post filter remineralization process that turns my RO filtered water into alkaline, mineral water! This is the only machine I have found on the market to have this option.

For More Information or To Purchase the ZIP Water Filter, visit https://puricomusa.com/

Why I LOVE the ZIP RO Water Filter:
• Requires zero installation (literally take it out of the box, plug it in, fill container with water and push the big button on the front)
• Portable/Countertop Unit- great for renters like us or people on the go who do not want to permanently install an expensive water purifier system to a place they will not be staying at.
• Reverse Osmosis technology which is the same process used by most of the expensive bottled water brands we used to purchase from
• The only RO system [I was able to find] that has a post-filter mineralization process that automatically reintroduces minerals back into the water which also alkalizes it. 👌🏼
• Very sleek and looks nice (this is more personal preference but I love the look of this machine)

*DISCLAIMER: This video is in collaboration with Puricom. I was sent the ZIP Water Filter in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are entirely my own.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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