DIY Portable Water Purifier at Home  II Low Cost II

Hi friends today I am going to show DIY Portable Water Purifier at Home.
In this filter You can also add pre- filter , this will increase life of other filters.
You can find all the material at local market or from online .
it is better to purchase the material from local market.

Materials I have used—-

1x plastic container
1x Sediment filter ( 12 inch filter)
1x Carbon filter ( 12 inch filter)
1x UF Membrane
1 x Mineral cartridge
1x UV barrel / bowl 8”
1x UV lamp 11 watt
1x UV Choke / adapter 220v AC
1x 12v,3A dc power supply
1x 12v water pump (use 2.5 LPM)
1x water tab

6x Elbow
2x I-connector
14x Push fitting locks
4x C-Clamps
4x X-Clamps (1 side large and 1 side small)
2 feet RO filter Pipe,Dual tape Etc

Note : . Do not drink 1st 20 liters of water during 1st use .

Thank you for watching .

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