Best Water Filter System for home in Pakistan | aqua farhan Water Technology

Farhan Trading Water Technology Company has been working on clean drinking water at national and international level for the last 16 years. Made the city of Fatehpur Pakistan operational and then on 19th April 2019 inaugurated the third big branch in front of LAYYAH City Bypass Road Sarati Hospital which and now the fourth branch was opened on 12th January 2021 at Faisalabad Bakar mandi Road Farhan Trading Water Technology has so far provided clean water to more than 16,000 households in Pakistan and with its Drinking Water Technician team Farhan Trading Water Technology has never compromised on quality and standard and considers it its responsibility to provide clean water to the people of its area and now Farhan Trading Waterloo has created its own YouTube channel on which to upload videos of all its projects. Farhan Trading Technology’s Aqua Farhan is importing all its products in Pakistan under the name of Farhan Pk. And supplier in Pakistan in wholesale Contct no 0300-918-1115
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