SimPure Y7 RO Water Filtration System Installaton Video

đź’™Restaurant-quality water filtration without the hassle of a bulky under-the-sink installation.

The water coming out of your tap smells a little. Sometimes it’s like hard-boiled eggs and sometimes it’s more metallic or earthy. Oh and sometimes it’s cloudy, with bits of sandy sediment settling at the bottom of a water glass, or small white bits of calcium buildup.

If you have space on your countertop for two cartons of milk, you have space on your countertop for a simple, plug and play reverse osmosis water filtration system.

đź’™Just water, pure and simple

The water supply in your area isn’t a priority for the city, and the aging infrastructure sometimes allows industrial runoff, pesticides, and other chemicals in. And those come right out of your tap and into your coffee, oatmeal, soup, chilli. It could even be the reason you and your family feel tired and just a little sick all the time.

đź’™Install this countertop system (it comes fully assembled, you just find a spot and plug it in) in about 30 seconds and your family and friends will never have to taste that rusty water again.

Filter replacements are fast and affordable, and we recommend you take a minute to replace yours every six months. You can find replacement options below (coming soon).

đź’™This product is BPA free.

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