How to install GE GXWH40L best whole house water filtration system filter review Read Below

How to install GE GXWH40L best whole house water filtration system filter review Read Below

I am very impressed with the material quality of this unit. It took a little more torque to stop it from leaking, but you need to exercise caution when tightening the bottom bowl. I also recommend re-lubricating the rubber O-Ring with petroleum jelly at every filter change. I would purchase a small jar of this and leave it at the installation area along with the replacement filters and spanner wrench. You may experience some cloudy water after installation and recommend you purge the water line. You may have to do this several times before it clears up. To stay updated on all the other home improvement videos, please subscribe to this channel and the facebook page “Southern Home Talk” Knowledge Is Savings. By: South Alabama Home Inspections 251-490-9892

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Bottled Water vs. Water Filtration System (TDS Meter)

Bottled Water vs. Water Filtration System (TDS Meter)

Looking for a reverse osmosis water system? I recently bought a tankless water filter system for the home. In this video, I install and test the Waterdrop D6 Reverse Osmosis tankless water filtration system. Be sure to watch until the end to see the results of the water purity tests on tap water, concentrate water, and even bottled water using a TDS meter. You’re going to be surprised by the TDS meter readings!

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Waterdrop RO D6
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Waterdrop RO D6
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Digital PH/TDS Meter
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What’s the Importance of Water Filtration Systems?

What’s the Importance of Water Filtration Systems?

Water is unquestionably vital to human life. Most of the surface of our planet is made of water — and the majority of the human body is too.

But though this essential, hydrating fluid should be clear, refreshing and healthful, it isn’t always. Pollution, pesticides, other chemicals, heavy metals, and organic waste can all potentially seep into our water supplies. At best, they impart a mildly unpleasant tang or smell to our water. At worst, they compromise our short-term and long-term health.

Fortunately, water filtration and purification systems provide a convenient and cost-effective way to make sure you have clean, refreshing water in your home and even on the go. According to the EPA and the Water Quality Association, 40% of Americans use some form of water filtration in their homes to enhance the quality of their water.

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Off-grid Whole house rain water filtration system

Off-grid Whole house rain water filtration system

This is our 2nd update on our whole house rainwater filtration system running 100% off grid meaning off solar. Perfect for an system. Can by within a City or even out a cabin totally off-grid. Rainwater is your best source for drinking water out there. 3 stage filtration get 99% of sediments removed on top the carbon filter reduces any chlorine you might had added to your rainwater to kill off any bacteria. Better would be UV light at the end of the loop to be added. For now we do use chlorine but longer term we will also be adding the bigger UV light which also run’s of 12DC like the pump itself. Both Solar Panels charge a deep-cycle battery so it’s setup for long term.

3/4″ Ball valve threaded :

Barrel nut opener :

Hydronix HF3-10CLBK34 :
3M Carbon 5 micro filter :
Culligan Filter HF-150A :
Culligan CW-MF :

PVC pipe cutter :

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A Cheaper MORE Effective RV Water Filtration System

A Cheaper MORE Effective RV Water Filtration System

Is it important to have safe drinking water in your RV? For us in our fifth wheel it is! Living the full time RV life can have its challenges but safe, clean drinking water from your faucet doesn’t have to be one of them. With the No Dirty Water Solo Unit from Blu Technology and their 0.2 micron water filters having great tasting, safe water is no longer an issue! This is an affordable and space saving option for RVers looking for a pure water filtration system.


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048 - How we Installed a Multi-Home Homestead Water Filtration System

048 – How we Installed a Multi-Home Homestead Water Filtration System

Welcome to Duck River Homestead!

Watch the 1 year review of our Massey Ferguson 1835E compact tractor here:
Learn how we’re building our house with cash:
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Watch us use our sawmill and build a shed:

On today’s episode of Duck River Homestead, we install a whole house water filtration system, or a whole homestead water filtration system.

We’re using a trio of 4.5 x 20 filters that help ensure our drinking water is safe and tastes great. The 4.5 x 20 sediment filter, 4.5 x 20 carbon filter, and 4.5 x 20 iron and manganese filters.

Here’s to clean drinking water, and no rust rings in our showers and toilets!

Thanks for watching.

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Best Water RO Filtration System: Installation and Review

Best Water RO Filtration System: Installation and Review

Nothing is more important than clean water?! Today we’re looking at the Brio Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System AND we’re giving ours away to one lucky subscriber!

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brio water dispenser filter selection brio water dispenser setup

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