Our RV Water Softener and RV Water Filter Setup| RV Water Filtration System

Our RV Water Softener and RV Water Filter Setup| RV Water Filtration System

RV Water Filters:
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We started out like the typical RV Newbie and purchased the white RV Hose and the CAMCO blue inline filter. We have since been slowly upgrading to the rv water filtration system we have today. Is there room for improvement, always. But for now and for the cost, we found this is the best rv water filter system in our budget and it works for us. We currently use the Beech Lane Water filter with the On The Go RV Water Softener. We really like this setup for our water filtration needs. The On The Go Water Softener has been a game changer for us living the fulltime RV life. Before we added this to our setup, our skin at certain campgrounds would start to feel dry and crack. Also, it helped with water spots in the RV as well.

We use this system to filter and soften our water. When it comes to drinking water, we use our travel berkey. We will have a video on that in the future.

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Introducing The Sgreen Water Filtration System for Screen Printing

Introducing The Sgreen Water Filtration System for Screen Printing

As screen printers it’s important to be mindful of how our craft effects the environment, especially what goes down our drains. Check out the Sgreen Filtration System here:

The screen printing process involves a lot of waste and a lot of water both of which eventually end up down the drain. Over time, this can be problematic for your plumbing and bad for the environment.

The good news is that with the proper process and a few simple tools you can decrease your environmental impact, and protect yourself from recourse or fines from local water bureaus.

A water filtration system is a great solution and when combined with good practices your pipes and water will be running clean so and green in no time.

There are two main issues to be concerned about with water disposal. First and foremost is high solids: this can be anything from tape, dried ink, thick cured emulsion, and solidified ink. Second is the ink solids itself.

Proper process at the beginning of the screen making and screen cleaning process can help you avoid many common problems.

Ensure your emulsion is coated without a lot of thick bubbles or edges, card off ink using an ink card or spatula, and dispose of all tape and other debris prior to going into the sink.

But even if you have the best process, there will always be some ink left, a few pieces of small tape that sneak by, and thicker areas of emulsion that don’t degrade all of the way. This is when the filter comes in very handy.

The Sgreen Filtration system catches the water as it comes out of the sink and sends it through 6 stages of filtration. The first stage is a disposable filter, this catches all of the big particles immediately, then the water goes through a series of 3 reusable screens: 110, 156, and 200 mesh. The water then separates into the pump holding tank where a high powered industrial sump pump is triggered, pushing the water through the final two stages, a 70 and 20 micron filter.

With this 6 stage filtering process you can be confident that the water has been filtered multiple times, that most solids are removed, and the particulate has been reduced to 20 micron.

It’s important to note that the majority of plastisol ink will be caught in this filter but that water base or discharge pigments and emulsion could still make their way through, this is why cleaning your screens prior is very important.

Each state and local water board has different regulations for what is and isn’t drain safe and you should always check to confirm what your community’s standards are.

Having the Sgreen Filter in place does show you are proactive in your disposal practices if anyone were ever test your water. You can call an independent company like Pace Analytical to come test water.

The best part is that while most filters cost over $1000, Ryonet manufactured our Sgreen Filter to not only work better, but cost hundreds of dollars less than others on the market. Cleaning up your disposal and greening up your shop has never been easier and more affordable.

Check out the SGreen Filter on our website www.screenprinting.com and be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more great screen printing videos.

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Amazing Discovery on Home Water Filtration | Water  Softener - Save Big Money!

Amazing Discovery on Home Water Filtration | Water Softener – Save Big Money!

To Good to be TRUE Prices? Not if you pay attention! Great Filtration, Salt free de scaler and brand name manufacturer. Why use Aquasana or Pelican when there are rated quality options? A secret to water treatment?

George finds that water filtration and treatment from the two biggest names in the industry, Aquasana and Pelican are rated by the same people and Aquasana and A.O. Smith distributed by Lowes Home Centers are the same thing, or are they? It appears A.O. Smith owns Aquasana.com and charges more for systems with the same rating. Same more than half on your Water filtration system owned by the same company?

Kenner is a San Diego Realtor & Real Estate Broker and as is customary in California Brokers must display their Department of Real Estate Licence Number. George’s number is 01229951.

Along with being a Broker George has also been reciepant of Realtor of the Year honors and California Assoicaiton of Realtors, Champion of Home Award. You can see a short video that details why George was given these honors at .

George also contributes his video skills to charities and his local Realtor Association and will consider working for free for any charity. If you have a video project to discuss with George please do not hesitate to call him at 619-723-5714

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How Does A Water Filtration System for Coffee, Tea, and Espresso Work?

How Does A Water Filtration System for Coffee, Tea, and Espresso Work?

Filtered water is essential for good coffee, tea, or espresso. A water filtration system improves the quality and enhances the flavor of beverages in your coffee shop or at home.

Our Master Water Specialist, John Woodard, explains how hard water affects your coffee or espresso how you can find the best filtration system to help you make delicious lattes and cappuccinos.

Check out our Food and Beverage collection

For more information about water treatment, take a look at our blog!

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Best Vacuum  - Sirena Bagless Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum – Sirena Bagless Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Find a dealer near you:
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Harness the Power of Nature with SIRENA – the most advanced Total Home Cleaning System in the world!

Why cleaning efficiency is more important that SUCTION?

Traditional vacuum cleaners that use bags or filters to collect dust and dirt frequently suffer from clogging. When a vacuum cleaner gets clogged it may not always lose suction power, but it will always lose cleaning efficiency! Sirena uses water to collect dust and dirt. Water never clogs and is replaced after each use. In this video we are going to simulate how traditional vacuums get clogged and why Sirena always cleans as if it’s your first time using it.

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NEVER buy bags or filters again!

Water never clogs the way bags and filters do. Sirena gives you 100% suction, 100% airflow, 100% cleaning efficiency all the time!


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