Well Water Filtration Systems and How They Work

Michael: 00:00 Yeah, and the the wells are pretty quirky. There’s every, well I have found is different. Wells draw off typically aquifers, a river supply, it’s groundwater. The thing about municipal water is the government regulates what’s in the water. They treat the water at big treatment facilities to give you basically safe water. Wells, which some wells when you think of back in the forties and fifties it’s ah, this is great water it’s spring water and all that all in good. But given the way the world is today with airplanes and automobiles and petrochemicals and even when it rains, a lot of the pollutants that are up in the sky that evaporates it at washes back down through rainfall and then once it gets to the earth it leaches into the ground. And then, so you have to be careful about. Wells should be tested, you could have things in the well we find most of the problems with wells are iron. It’s a pretty significant problem but every well is different.

Michael: 01:07 But our system, based on the media that we have, it pretty much would treat most of what would be a problem in a well. As far as a mineral or a contaminant or petrochemical, something like that. It would take care of that as well as on the municipal side we know what the government’s doing to the water, so we know how to treat that also.

Speaker 2: 01:26 So the device goes inside the house. How big is it?

Michael: 01:31 The system stands approximately 60 inches in height, 10 inches in diameter, and weighs about a hundred pounds. And we ship them. We manufacture in Columbia, South Carolina, and when these are crated and shipped out, they have to be delivered intact to get to the home. But they could fit almost, most people put them in garages, crawl spaces out in pump houses, little utility closets. There’s, a plumber could pretty much do anything with the pipe. So we’ve never really been concerned about where to put the system. That pretty much will fit in.

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