Off-grid Whole house rain water filtration system

This is our 2nd update on our whole house rainwater filtration system running 100% off grid meaning off solar. Perfect for an system. Can by within a City or even out a cabin totally off-grid. Rainwater is your best source for drinking water out there. 3 stage filtration get 99% of sediments removed on top the carbon filter reduces any chlorine you might had added to your rainwater to kill off any bacteria. Better would be UV light at the end of the loop to be added. For now we do use chlorine but longer term we will also be adding the bigger UV light which also run’s of 12DC like the pump itself. Both Solar Panels charge a deep-cycle battery so it’s setup for long term.

3/4″ Ball valve threaded :

Barrel nut opener :

Hydronix HF3-10CLBK34 :
3M Carbon 5 micro filter :
Culligan Filter HF-150A :
Culligan CW-MF :

PVC pipe cutter :

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