My Ultimate Drinking Water Filtration System Part 1

In this video I go over the design of my water filtration system that I have installed in my Jeep. You will learn how all the plumbing is hooked up using a few diagrams to make the explanation easier to understand . I then go into detail on the filter that I use to clean my water.


GuzzleH2O Water Filter

Collapsible bucket

Shurflo water pump

PVC Tubing 3/8” reinforced

Shurflo 1/2×3/8 straight hose barb

Shurflo 1/2×3/8 90 deg hose barb

Ball Valve 1/2”

3/8 barb to 1/2 male pipe fitting

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

RV Faucet

Dishwasher quick disconnect to connect a shower hose to the faucet

Custom water tank from Plastic Mart (choose a size that fits your application best)

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