DRINK CLEAN WATER! - My at-home Water Filtration picks


Get an idea of what contaminants are in your water to know what type of filtration you need.

Important questions:
Is your water fluoridated? If so, you’ll need a filter that removes this toxin.
Do you live in an area with lots of agriculture activity? This could lead to significant contamination with herbicide/pesticides.

Berkey Filter:
Kits also on Amazon:
Lab Test results on filtration (links at page bottom):

ProPur 304 (ceramic)

Also on Amazon:

AlexaPur Pro:

Also on Amazon:

EWG states ceramic filters cannot remove chemical contaminants, though the lab results (if genuine) posted on the sites selling ceramic filters states otherwise.

Also, as you’re shopping, keep in mind there’s a difference between water purification (removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, etc to make it safe to drink) and filtration (theoretically removes chemicals, heavy metals, and other particulate contamination to make it “clean”).

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