The city of Katy issued a boil-water notice early Feb. 17 in an effort to ensure water safety. (Courtesy Pexels)

The city of Katy has achieved operable water system pressure but is still under a boil water notice, according to a Feb. 19 alert from the city of Katy Notification System. This was the first requirement for restoring the city’s water distribution system, the announcement said.

“We can not emphasize enough how critical our community’s cooperation and patience were to accomplish this goal,” read the notification.

Now, the city of Katy is beginning the necessary steps to disinfect the water and test its quality. City staff will be opening and flushing fire hydrants throughout Katy and may continue to do so throughout the night. After appropriate disinfection levels are met, the city will test samples through an independent laboratory. If sample results meet requirements, the statement said, they aim to lift the boil-water notice Feb. 22.

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