Buy THIS before a pressure washer | CR Spotless DI Water Filtration

For years, I wouldn’t dare wash my car from home because of the hard water I had to deal with. After installing a CR Spotless water filtration system, I was finally able to wash freely without having to worry about water spots appearing on my paint’s surface and ruining the finish. We are proud to add the CR Spotless line to ESOTERIC’s online car care store!

Products featured:
CR Spotless DIW-10:
CR Spotless DIC-20:
CR Spotless Simple Chuck:
MTM Hydro Pro Kit:


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0:00- Intro
0:25- Who is it for?
0:42- What does a DI water filter do?
2:11- How do I attach these units?
2:35- Configuration options
3:05- Difference between the units
3:53- How do I change the filters?
4:43- How do I know when to replace the filter media?
6:25- Where can I purchase them?
6:52- How to wash your car from home video

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