10 Berkey Water Filter Mistakes to Avoid


I want to talk to you about my Berkey water filter which I love so stinkin’ much. But I want to discuss specifically 10 Berkey Water Filter mistakes to avoid.

Unfortunately, some of these lessons were learned the hard way! Let’s see if we can prevent you from doing any of the same.

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10 Berkey Water Filter Mistakes:
1 – Buying the wrong size
2 – Filling the top chamber before the bottom chamber is empty
3 – Leaving the spigot on
4 – Filling the berkey partially
5 – Letting your filters stay dirty
6 – Letting your filters get dry
7 – Letting your filters get too old
8 – Buying a used berkey without replacing the filters
9 – Skipping the priming of your elements or the red food coloring test
10 – Cleaning your filters with a dirty scrubbing pad or with soap

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