What to do if Algae Grows inside your Water Filter

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G’day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we wanna do is just have a quick look at a water filter when you’re seeing some algae growing inside or you might think it’s some mold or something like that, okay. So this six stage is a great system to take a look at that issue with, because it’s clear and you can see inside and I’ll be able to give you a bit of a description on what’s going on. So the problem is that some customers are givin’ us a call, it’s rare but it’s happening, and they’re finding there’s a bit of algae is growing in the bottom tank of their water filter on the mineral pad at the bottom and on the filter cartridge that hangs down inside there.

So my thoughts on this are that it’s not the greatest, okay, and what you can do is you could pull the system apart, okay, get a light dish washing detergent and give the whole thing a good wash and a thorough rinse-over after doing so to kill and get any algae spores, et cetera, off, but to take it the next level, I’m a bit concerned about the water that those people would be drinking or you would be drinking if your system has got algae growing in it. So possibly you’re tippin’ the water in the top, it’s filterin’ down through the bottom, it’s passin’ through the carbon, et cetera, that’s takin’ the chlorine and chemical out and then when that water gets in the bottom it’s just sitting there and there’s no disinfectant in it, so if there’s some spores or somethin’ in the air or something in the water that is allowing the algae to grow when you consider, like, sunlight, a bit of warmth, is what’s gonna get it and then something in the water to activate it and start to grow, that’s where the algaes are coming from, so you can give it a good clean over, you can get the ceramic cartridge and give it a scrub under a flowin’ tap, you can get the mineral pad in the bottom and wipe it over.

Don’t use detergents on the cartridges at all, just wash them very well under the running, flowin’ tap or the hose through a squirt it, whatever you’re gonna do, but give it a really good rinse over and wash here under the tap and then put it all back together. When you put it back together just be aware sunlight, warmth, and something in the water, so let’s try and put it to a darkest part of the room in a coolest place, something like that, keep it out of the way of the window and the sunlight. Even put something over the top of it if you want to, if you’re gonna keep using it, but if you are concerned about the algae there then please give us a ring, contact us and let us know what’s goin’ on.

Give us a photo and we’ll have a look at it for you and look, honestly, it might be a sign that this water filter is not sufficient for the contamination that’s in your water, okay. Whether you got fertilizer in there or whatever’s goin’ on, it is not the greatest water for you, okay. So if it’s happenin’, give us a call, we can give you a refund on your filter and upgrade you to something better, some way to try and help you out, but that’s what I’d be doin’, okay. If I saw algae in my filter I’d be upgradin’ to somethin’ a little bit better so to can create the best water that I can, because it’s all about the water, folks. So I hope that helps. In doubt get a couple of photos to team so we can have a look at it and we’ll do our best for ya. Thanks very much, bye.

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