DIY STREAM WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM: Off grid survival and a simple way to collect and store water

Today I decided to rebuild my water filtration system that I used four or so years ago before I started drinking water direct from the stream. Many of these parts you can buy on ebay and whilst my specific filter may not be for sale (I do not know the brand either), there are others out there that with a little modification can be used in a similar way. This is potentially going to be my future collection device as it enables me to store the water in a larger quantity filtered and free of any harmful bacteria that might multiply when left standing at room temperature for a couple of days. Whilst my body has hardened over the years to be very resistant to anything the stream water might contain, by using this device it will render the water safe for me to share this amazing resource with others. Nothing beats taking a gentle stroll to the stream every day for my water and that connection to the sounds, smells and everything wild soothes and hydrates my body and mind as much as the water itself.

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