DIY; fish tank double water filter system crystal clear water

Unfortunately i have received many many comments that are out of the video purpose ! not counting the number of dislikes that this video received !
And just to clarify things for the new viewers :
This filter works perfect for me and for the majority of people who tried it in their tanks .
I appologize for not well spelling some words but i thinks the video did the job to give an idea about this Diy project.
Some people dislike the video just because the music sucks ! It’s an informative video not a song !
Please be mature enough and try to understand first before misundertanding other’s ideas !
Any question or help or positive criticism ! I’m listening !
Any unnecessary comment will be deleted .
Thanks for understanding .
More infos visit :

Materiels used :
-Water bottle (or any bottle that will fit in the power head water pump)
-Power head water pump
-fish filtration medias(pit store)
-Air tubes
-Fish filter pads(like sponge,cotton,can be founded in the fish store)
-Cutter,soldering gun,scisors,dremel or whatever you use to cut and trime
-some suction cups ,you may need it to hold up the tubes coming from the power head water pump to the small (yellow bottle) at the end of the filter.

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