Tankless RO Filter Water Purifier Filtration system Pure Water for Drinking

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Tankless RO Water Purifier
1.Tankless type,large flux,400/600/800GPD optional
2.PCB filter 3-in-1 (PP,carbon block,granular carbon in one cartridge)
3.Intergate water way, totally have 8 joints, 15 million hammer , extend flux
4.Quick-connect filters, 3 steps to change the filters
5.Water way and electricity route way are separated
1.Pure Water Flux: 400GPD ; 600GPD ;800GPD optional
2.Applicable water temperature:5-38℃
3.Applicable water pressure:0.1~0.4MPa
4.Filters:Folding PP+carbon block , RO filters
5.Product size:432*138*392mm
6.Smart Stainless Steel Faucet

1st filter element PCB:
front foliding PP +activatied carbon block+post activatied carbon block
3 strages to composite,It is more convenient to change it once in 6-12 months.
2nd filter element RO:
Reverse osmosis membrane
can be changed 24-36 months

It just need 3 steps to change the filter
no need afterservice
This design can reduce the afterservice costs
It no need tools to open it

Smart Fauce Ring
Display the life of filter cartridge fom time to time
In red for exchange the water filter,
In blue for drinking
Can know the life of filter without bending over the cabinet
High grade lead free faucet guarantees water purification safety

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