Screen Printing Water Filtration System Build

Just a quick walk through of our DIY Filtration System build.

Sorry for the mis-quote on the price in the video of $50… Total cost was $150 US.

Parts list:

– 27 gallon HDX Tough Tote (Home Depot, $9)
– CCI 18”x150 yard filter roll (GSG, $65)
– Aluminum 12”x24” screen: 60, 130 and 230 mesh (GoldUp, $50 for all 3)
– 25 micron 10” x2.5” filter and housing ($25)

We also needed a pump and some plumbing to get to our drain:

– Superior Pump 91250 ¼ HP utility pump ($50,
– PVC pipe and 1-one valve ($50)

Follow up video is here –

Original Video Source

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