RV Water Filtration Systems

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RV Water Filtration is important. Filters keep dirt, sediment, and even cysts from entering your RV and clogging up your water using appliances including your water heater, sinks, toilet, and shower. RV Water Filtration also supplies you with cleaner drinking water, and removes some or all of the chlorine, which is bad for your skin and bad to breath while showering.

We have a 3 canister water filter system complete with a Watts 263A-LF adjustable water pressure regulator with pressure gauge.

We always run a 5 micron or smaller particle/sediment filter in addition to a carbon filter to remove chlorine and bad taste.

If you part-time or vacation in your RV, make sure to use cartridges that are ‘bacteriostatic’ as that means they won’t grow bacteria or algae when not in use.

If you full-time, you can use ‘standard’ household cartridges as they’ll have enough water movement that bacteria and algae won’t be able to grow.

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