How To Use Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

How To Use Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

Empire Sportsman Outdoors shows you how to use your Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System.

This is a light weight solution for backpacking or traveling abroad whenever you are unsure of the water conditions. Small and light weight will be every ultralight hikers friend. Easy to use this water filtration system can be purchased from places like or

Step 1:
Remove the Cap from the bag and fill with water

Step 2:
Screw on the Water Filter to the bag

Step 3:
Roll up the bag from the bottom to push water through the filter

You can also attach the filter to any regular size thread water bottle from the local gas station or grocery store.

Sawyer Products even offer an in-line system so you can attach the filter directly onto the hose for your water bladder.

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RV Water Filtration Systems

RV Water Filtration Systems

More details:

RV Water Filtration is important. Filters keep dirt, sediment, and even cysts from entering your RV and clogging up your water using appliances including your water heater, sinks, toilet, and shower. RV Water Filtration also supplies you with cleaner drinking water, and removes some or all of the chlorine, which is bad for your skin and bad to breath while showering.

We have a 3 canister water filter system complete with a Watts 263A-LF adjustable water pressure regulator with pressure gauge.

We always run a 5 micron or smaller particle/sediment filter in addition to a carbon filter to remove chlorine and bad taste.

If you part-time or vacation in your RV, make sure to use cartridges that are ‘bacteriostatic’ as that means they won’t grow bacteria or algae when not in use.

If you full-time, you can use ‘standard’ household cartridges as they’ll have enough water movement that bacteria and algae won’t be able to grow.

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How To Make a Water Filter In The Wild

How To Make a Water Filter In The Wild

Disclaimer. This water filter will not make the water SAFE. It will only render it clear and make it more palatable. you must boil it afterwards or use another form of proper disinfection. SODIS or Solar Disinfection would work.

In this video I go through the processes of constructing a primitive filter utilizing natural recourses such as charcoal from a fire, moss, and sand. I use a soda bottle as the filter container to show you the individual layers and to see the water seep through the layers.

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What's inside a Water Filter?

What's inside a Water Filter?

We cut a water filter in HALF to see what it looks like inside! So interesting!
We are glad to work in collaboration with The Gates on this project! You can read this year’s letter here:

After reading their letter, come back and comment on what “Super power for good” you would choose. Or tweet at us using the hashtag #superpowerforgood @whatsinsideit

If I had a SUPER POWER FOR GOOD, it would be to give the world clean drinking water.

There are many ways you can help with key global issues, THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP is gaining awareness of the needs of others, and that doesn’t cost any money.

Water problems in this world will NEVER be solved by filters alone. Proper sewage and sanitation, access to a clean sustainable well or proper infrastructure of community or city supplied clean water are many things that can help solve this global issue. Ultimately, it all starts with education of needs, awareness, and a desire to be an advocate for those in need by those who are able. You can make a difference no matter what your current situation is.

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Do we like our Berkey water filter | BERKEY WATER FILTER REVIEW

Do we like our Berkey water filter | BERKEY WATER FILTER REVIEW

I get a ton of questions about the big silver thing sitting on my counter. Today I am finally going to share all the ins and outs in this Berkey water filter review. 

This is the Berkey we have:
(affiliate link)
I just selected none for the 2 additional filters (We run ours with the two included filters) and then checked the box for the 1 x Set of Fluoride Filters. I didn’t add any warranty or maintenance plans.

They are currently running a bundle sale to get some accessories free. Find that here:

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Ever since I started sharing videos in my kitchen on my Youtube channel, people have been asking me about the big silver thing sitting out on my countertop.

“What the heck is that thing?!”

I mean, its kind of hard to miss. 

I move it for some beauty shots on my Instagram page, but 99.9% of the time, this is the real look of our farmhouse kitchen. Pretty farm sink, ticking stripe curtain, white quartz counters and a big old eyesore of a stainless steel Berkey. 

But, read on to find out why there is no way I’m moving it off our countertops anytime soon. ie. EVER.

Berkey water filter review video
Is the berkey worth the valuable coutertop real estate
When we were shopping water filter systems, seven + years ago, I had just had my second baby. I was in obsessive research mode about all things health and wellness. I had two tiny humans who depended on me to take care of them, and I didn’t want to mess it up.

It didn’t take long for me to find out that the public water we were consuming was the furthest thing from anything you would want to put in your body. And, being water-drinking health nuts, we were throwing back A LOT of it. 

I quickly found out there were a million different filtration options…reverse osmosis, refrigerator pitcher systems, under counter systems..the list goes on.

I was concerned about drinking water loaded with chlorine, lead, arsenic, viruses and bacteria. 

Our local water has so much chlorine that it actually smells like pool water, especially now that I am so used to drinking it from the Berkey.

The two deciding factors for choosing a berkey water filter 
Price- I didn’t want to have to replace filters every few months. Some of the systems were a little cheaper up fron
Filter quality- 
Testing- The Berkey system allows you to test the filters to be sure they are working properly. (I explain the test in the FAQ below) One time my second daughter knocked the whole system off the counter. I was advised to run the “food dye test” to be sure they didn’t have any hairline fractures that would compromise the filters. I love that this is a possibility with the Berkey. With other filter son the market, you just have to hope that they are filtering properly and its hard to know when they have outlived their functionality. 
Some FAQ about our Berkey water filter system
How do you do the food dye test with the Berkey water filter?
Remove the top portion of the stainless steel system, leaving the black filters securely screwed in.
Place the bottom tip of each filter into a glass jar.
Add eight cups of water and 10 drops of food coloring to the top basin and give it a little stir.
Watch the water come out completely clear into the glass jars below.
If the water in the jars has any tint to it, its time to replace those filters!

This is one of the reasons I decided to purchase the Berkey in the first place. With other filter models, how are you supposed to know if the filters are still doing their job?

With the Berkey I can be confident that my water is still being filtered completely for me and my family. 

What does the Berkey filter out?
According to the Berkey website, Berkeys filter out over 99.99% chlorine, over 99.99% bacteria and viruses, lead, VOC’s, THM’s, lindane, benzene and atrizine. 

Does the Berkey remove lead?
Yes, it does! It removes over 96% of the lead in water. 

How often do you need to change Berkey filters?
Each black filter will last for 3,000 gallons. Each system can house up…

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