Healthy Drops RO Water Purifier | Nano Filtration With Alkaline Regulator | Installation Part-1|

Water molecule size is 0.000283 micron, water born germs, bacteria and virus size remain between 0.01 micron to 5 micron, in our technology 100% water is being passed through the membrane and therefore no chance to pass the bacteria.(Antibacterial, Alkaline & Antioxidant) is use to add essential minerals up to 90 ppm and to enhance pH (alkaline) up to pH 3.5 in drinking water. We use regulator to regulate pH value of drinking water between pH 7.2 to pH 8 which is ideal and in best condition for human consumption. Stage 6) Post Carbon Coconut Shell (Coconut shell activated fine carbon). Coconut is antibacterial agent and removes odor, smell and sweeten the drinking water. Please note as per WHO, BIS, EPA and other medical recommendations ideal mineral in drinking water is up to 300 ppm & pH (7.2 to 8). Low mineral is not safe for human consumption.

Outdoor Water Purifier Sediment Granular PP Filter Element Roll Cartridge Reverse Osmosis –

KNL Lexpure RO Membrane Housing, Food Grade Plastic, Compatible with 75 GPD, 80 GPD and 100 GPD Membrane-

KNL Healthy Drops, KNL-NF40-AR, NF (Nanofiltration) RO Water Purifier with Alkaline Regulator, Used for 150 ppm to 350 ppm raw Water tds, 13 LTR Detachable Tank, Safer Than UV+UF+TDS Adjuster System-

KNL NF40 (Nanofiltration) TFC Dry 100 GPD NF Membrane, BARC Licensed, Flux Rate Around 25 ltrs/hr, Pore Size 0.001 μ, Reduces tds (40-48)% only, Used in RO/NF (Reverse Osmosis) Water purifiers-

HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP Water Purifier –

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