FO4 - Secondary Locations - 1.05 - Water Filtration Stash ✔️

Location Name: Water Filtration Caps Stash
Location Number: 1.05
★ Lore
How they used to filter clean, non nuclear water, back in the Pre-War Times

★ Notable Loot
Loads of Bottle Caps, although you have to do a little something to unlock the lid *video will explain* a gun and a corpse is also found here

★ Threats
Hello Lawds, Thomas here, with a brand new Fallout 4 Series, so basically with the help of the Wasteland Survival Guide I will tirelessly go throughout the world of Fallout discovering all of these hidden gems that aren’t marked on the map. Some have pretty neat items, such as:

– Nuka Cola Quantums
– Fusion Cores
– Nuka Cherry
– Power Armour
– Ammo or Meds
– All provide a nice feel to the game, whether it’s an abandoned shack or a ruined military APC
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