Wangsamas WR FilterBlue Drinking Water Filter Simple Installation

Are you looking for best water filter under the sink for your Office drinking purposes and kitchen chores ?

The whole filter system is hidden underneath the sink, inside the kitchen cabinet.

The reason we are able to “hide” the filter is because this unique filter system requires very less maintenance; instead, it will be naturally cleaned every time the main tap is turned on (Auto Clean Function, No electricity needed !)

it produce natural mineral water mildly alkaline PH about 8.2 , with Ultra Filtration membrane 0.01micron (Filter out sediments, dirt, bacterias and virus) and Activated Carbon Cartridge from Coconut Shell (Remove Smell, Odour , Chlorine and Water will taste fresh and natural ) you can always ensure you are drinking from clean filter at all times.

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Wangsamas Resources (WR) is a Water Filtration System Consultant in Malaysia, we provide best water filtration system option and design from Local, Swedish, UK and USA.

Specializing in Water filtration for Residential Outdoor and Indoor Water Filtration System from Under the sink until Water Dispensers / Water Coolers range, and Semi Commercial Centralized Filter.

(Swedish designed Water Filtration System (We are Alva Brand Authorized Reseller) & Pentair (Everpure) Products from USA also Outdoor and Indoor Water Filtration System that localy designed.

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