Ultra Violet Light Installation Guide for UV Water Filter Systems

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we’re gonna do is have a look at a whole house ultraviolet light. It goes within the whole house rainwater tank system. Now they’re pretty easy, these systems. Obviously same as anything, when you first get one, it’s all bright and new. But there’s not much to ’em at all. So take a quick look at this video before you set yours up and I’m sure you’ll be right, alright? This is the stainless steel housing, the outer casing, and that’s what retains the water, the light, and the glass. And this is what’s going to take care of your water for you.

That’s one part that’s in there. I’ll just lift everything out so we can see. Here’s the holders to hold that housing in place. We’ll go over these all again in a minute. Here’s the ballast or the controller. The electrical component. And then we’ve got a glass and we’ve got a globe. So we’ll shoot this one off down there on the floor out of the way. And we’ll be good to go. We’ll probably even bring those over the back here so you can see it the best that we can.

We’ll just take it steady so everybody can see what’s going on. This plastic bag, there’s also two O-rings in this bag. I’m just gonna leave them in there for a minute and that is to seal the quartz. Here is the holders for the housing. Simple process, Take screw straight through, into the wall, horizontal if you want it. Vertical if you want it. If you put it in vertical like this, you must have the globe pulling out of the top. The power wires pulling out of the top.

Never put it upside down, okay? Horizontal, this is how we can mount it, horizontal like that. And we can mount it vertical like that and the hollow in the globe fits in the top. Never put it upside down, okay? So here we go. Two clips, screw them into the table. And your base, we’re gonna fit ’em on to that light. And there it is. That’ll just hold it, no worries at all. Very, very simple. So hold it in there. I’ll spin them over so you can see ’em on that side a bit better.

And there we go. You can put those anywhere they go. They’re gonna slide all over the place. Wherever you want them. You may notice that I’ve put a towel on this table. It just stops the clanging and banging on the hard surface. And if you do bang a glass or the globe or whatever, it’s just not gonna chip, alright? It’s just to take care of everything all that’s on here. So today, we’ve mounted the globe. And there she is, she’s fixed and it’s sitting right there.

So basically what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna undo one end. And this is the end that we’re gonna put the globe and this is where all the work’s gonna happen. On this end here, this one’s already got a cap and it’s sealed up. So the water’s not gonna come out. I’ll pull the quartz out now and show it to you and where that’s gonna go. So this the sleeve. This is the glass sleeve, or the quartz or the thimble. And I’ll take it out now and you’ll see that one end of this one. Now normally I’ll try not to get my hands on this but for the benefit of today, we’re gonna throw it around and try to give you a good look.

As you can see, this is a nice, smooth end. So nothing’s gonna leak out of there. Do be careful when you’re playing with them. You just don’t want them to crack and break. Now this process is that thimble is gonna be slid down the inside of this system here. And we’re gonna seal it on both ends. Once it’s sealed on both ends, the water cannot get inside the glass. It cannot get out either end.

The water’s locked inside this housing by the two O-rings on the end and it’s just sealed inside the container or the housing. Water’s coming in, you got BSP, one inch inlet, BSP, one inch outlet. So it’s a good high flow volume, 46 liters per minute for the whole house. So you’ll get your glass and you’re gonna slide him in the end. Just gentle, gentle. Doesn’t take long to do this. But we just gotta take our time and we’ll be good to go.

Feel it with my finger on the end there. We’re just gonna slide him out. Beautiful. Now we’ve got two O-rings here. And these O-rings are what goes over the glass. And what you want to do is make sure sometimes the O-rings can have a flat on the O-ring and it’s gotta be on the inside.

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