Top 5 water filter replacement tips

Replacing a refrigerator water filter is usually simple, but sometimes it can be difficult to remove or install—or the new filter can leak. If you’re having a hard time, we’ve got some tips to help you replace your filter so you can get back to enjoying great tasting water and ice.

1. Wiggle the refrigerator water filter
When removing or installing the water filter, you may need to wiggle it back and forth slightly, to help loosen water seal deposits.
Wiggling the new water filter as you insert it will help align the filter as you slide it into the filter head.

2. Shut off the water supply
Water pressure exerted on the filter head can make it difficult to remove a water filter. Try shutting off the water supply valve for the refrigerator. Then run some water through the water dispenser to release water pressure at the filter head and remove the water filter.

3. Extend the water filter housing head completely
For pull-down and swing-out water filters, you may need to extend the water filter head from the housing completely before removing the filter.

4. Use only the original manufacturer replacement water filter
Inexpensive aftermarket water filters can get stuck. They can also can damage water seals and fittings in the water filter housing. Using knock-offs can also cause water leaks through damaged seals and water filter housing-fittings. Don’t take chances—buy the brand-name filter that the manufacturer designed specifically to fit your refrigerator.

5. Purge water through the dispenser and then check for leaks
Purging water through the dispenser gets rid of air in the supply system that can cause leaks. Air trapped in the water lines can force water out of the dispenser. If the dispenser still drips after purging water, try purging 2 more gallons of water as constantly as possible to remove any air in the water system supply lines. If water continues to leak after purging more water, you may need to replace the inlet water valve.

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