HUM WHOLE HOUSE 2 stage WATER FILTRATION System - Installs in 6 EASY Steps!

HUM WHOLE HOUSE 2 stage WATER FILTRATION System – Installs in 6 EASY Steps!

You need whole house water filter for your home or cottage because the water is full of dirt and chemicals but where do you start?
This HUM Water Care 20” Dual Big Blue Filter housing is definitely the way to go. It comes fully assembled as you see here, no need to plumb the two housings together, attach to the brackets, line them up! Also, their large 20” size gives your family lots of capacity so you likely won’t need to replace the filters for a whole year. Obviously how long they actually last is based on how much water you use and how many contaminants you need to remove.
Find the perfect location. You will need to install the filtration system before the plumbing splits into hot and cold and likely after your water softener and iron/sulphur equipment but if you’re looking to prefilter the water before your other equipment then it will need to be installed before.
The housing needs to be mounted where you have access to replace the filter in the future and where any water being spilled during filter replacement will not splash into or onto electrical components.
1. Shut off the main water supply valve.
2. Cut the pipe and mount the unit on the wall using the mounting bracket provided.
3. When installing the Filter Housing, make sure the water flows into the inlet. WARNING: if soldering, do not allow heat near plastic threads or fittings.
4. I always recommend installing ball valve shut offs before and after the filter housing to make future filter replacement easier.
5. Open the valves on either side of the Filter Housing. Check for leaks. Open supply valve slowly and bleed air from system.
6. Be sure to flush all new filters thoroughly before using water.
You’ll want to click here next for my video on filter selection, just click up here and I’ll see you there. Question of the Day? What questions do you have about water filtration cartridges? Add your question below I read every one and would love to respond to yours!
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How Do Water Treatment Plants Work?

How Do Water Treatment Plants Work?

For most everyone around the world, turning on your tap and getting fresh clean water is just a way of life. While this might seem to be a simple fact of modern civilization, it’s a relatively new innovation in the timeline of human development.

Access to fresh water is one of the largest drivers of creating a modern society, but what allows everyone access to seemingly endless supplies of potable water? It depends on where you live, but chances are behind your tap there’s a municipal water treatment plant.

There are two main types of water treatment plants: drinking water and wastewater plants. We’ll be focusing in on drinking water plants here, but if you’d like to learn about how wastewater is treated, you can watch a video on the topic here.

Both types of treatment plants serve the purpose of cleaning water, but in general, wastewater treatment plants will output water, or effluent, into streams or rivers and drinking water plants, or potable water treatment plants, will output their treated water into a city’s pipe distribution network.

The question still remains, how exactly does one treatment plant take dirty river or well water and turn it into water that is safe to drink? It involves a lot of processing using chemicals, filters, and removing all of the toxins and hazards from a given water source.

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The Truth About Water Purification In A Wilderness Survival Situation

The Truth About Water Purification In A Wilderness Survival Situation

In this video Dr. Anja Whittington teaches us about water purification in a wilderness survival situation. She covers four great ways to make drinking water safe to drink and talks a bit about the side effects and risks posed by not making the water safe before drinking it.

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Make Sure Your Water Is Safe To Drink.