SVC 7051 | Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Aqua-force water filtration technology is ideal for those who are sensitive to indoor environmental allergens. Water Filtration Technology utilises water to trap allergens, such as debris, dust, dirt, pet hair, fungus, molds, pollen, and many other allergens within the solution. This effectively renders allergens impossible to escape and to re-pollute your household! 
Water Filtration makes a notable difference on the air quality, making it the perfect cleaning technology for households with children. Its strong power and unique technology enables easy cleaning of fluids, dusts, and solids in your home; while, minimising the escaping of vacuumed dirt back into the air.
As water filtration technology operates without a vacuum bag, dirt disposal becomes extremely convenient, and money-saving without the frequent purchasing of new vacuum bags. Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners are friendly to the environment and friendly to the health of your family. 

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