Refrigerator Water Filter

This video shows how to save hundreds of dollars over the years by easily cleaning and reusing your refrigerator water filters for the cost of a container of distilled white vinegar. The filter in our previous refrigerator, a Samsung, cost approximately 23 dollars and they lasted approximately 10 months to a year. Our new one is this Whirlpool. It’s a great refrigerator with a center drawer. However, its filters cost approximately 50 dollars and they only last four or five months before they need to be replaced.

Consequently, rather than pay $150 dollars replacing these filters, I developed a process to easily and quickly clean them. We don’t have a lot of minerals in our water. If you do, this expense could be even more for you. By the way, you can use this process on most filters to include the inexpensive filters in our Samsung that I mentioned previously.

In my Episode 48 Video, I showed how to unclog your bathroom and shower faucet aerators with White vinegar. Successfully cleaning these aerators gave me the idea to use this approach to clean and reuse, my expensive refrigerator water filter. In other words, if a white vinegar solution efficiently cleans faucet aerators, it will also successfully clean my refrigerator water and ice filter. Consequently, I decided to use this same process and this white cooking vinegar for cleaning my refrigerator water filter rather than buying new ones.

If you don’t have any vinegar, I included these links:

16 Fl Oz:

1 Gallon, 128 Fl Oz:

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