PF202 Drinking Water Filtration System

Model : PF202
Body Material: Food Grade ABS + Tempered Glass
Installation methods: Under kitchen installation, Counter Top / Wall-mounted installation
Filter Elements Size: 11 inch filter element
Applicable Water Source: Municipal water supply
Water Purification Flow: 180-230L/Hour
Working Water Pressure: 0.1-0.3Mpa
Water Outlet Standard: Directly Drink

Off the harmful substances will be heath over the long term.
Eg. Rust, sediment, residual chlorine, suspended matter impurities.
Simple and convenient, complete by yourself. Installation accessories are completely, simply. Direct connection to water supply. Option A: Under kitchen installation, Option B: Counter Top, Option C: Wall-mounted installation.
Drain outlet design, Easy sewage discharge, prolong life, Extend the life of filter element and save cost
Alkaline + Mineral & Ultra Filtration System

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