Homemade UV + UF (4 stage) water purifier for tap water- very effective & cheap

This is video tutorial to make very effective & cheap 4 stage water purification system to purify municipal water (tap water). You can also add pre- filter as 5th stage, this will increase life of other filters. Pre- filter can be easily clean.
You can find all the material at local spare part shop. Or you can purchase it online using links at the end.
I recommend to purchase the material from local store because prices are little high online.
1x Sediment filter (standard 12 inch filter)
1x Carbon filter (standard 12 inch filter)
1x UF Membrane
1x UV barrel / bowl 8”
1x UV lamp 11 watt (Philips make)
1x UV Choke / adapter 220v AC
1x Teflon tape
6x Elbow (1 side push fit & 1 side threaded)
3x I-connector
12x Push fitting locks
4x C-Clamps
4x X-Clamps (1 side large and 1 side small)
4x 1” Nut bolt
10 feet RO filter Pipe
Double sided tape
2-3” piece of ½” water tube (pipe)
23 x 15 cm piece of plywood
1x Cooler pump (optional)

Note : replace the filters ( sediment, carbon & UF) every 12-18 months based on water uses. Do not drink 1st 10 liters of water during 1st use as it may contain residual dirt etc.

Amazon.in , Ebay.com & amazon.com links

Amazon.in links
Carbon, Sediment filters and Elbows

UF membrane & Elbows

UV barrel, lamp and choke

RO Pipe

RO filter cartridge

You can use nylon tie in place of C-clamps and X-clamps ( there are very expensive online) at local store they are available @ 10 Rs/ Piece

Pre- filter ( 5th stage)

Ebay.com links:

amazon.com links

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